Monday, August 18, 2008

The Shield: Pros!

As promised, I will now teach you what you need to know about... THE SHIELD! Remember, this guy is one of the old MLJ heroes who's going to be introduced into the DCU proper via Brave & the Bold.

He can scale walls and was doing it 22-years before Spider-Man was created. He scales them by... um... okay, I have no idea how the Shield is able to simply...
adhere to sheer walls. Force of will, I guess.

And he keeps doing it. Which is very very odd. Why? Because he could simply LEAP to the top of a building instead. More on the leaping later.

He has an electric ear, just like on the commercials. He likes using it a lot, although it never really seems to work. Kind of like that Popeiler or juicemaster you get on QVC and are too proud to give up on. It's kind of endearing.

The Shield is a master chemist. No, really, he's got a PhD and everything.
He'll be perfect to tend bar at the DC Holiday Special!

Unlike many heroes, he's an exemplar of cranial sturdiness:
This man needs to be partnered with Hal Jordan immediately.

He does this... jumpy thing. Usually at planes. FBI 1, TSA 0!

Oh, and he's fireproof. More on that...


Nate said...

When all the Mighty Crusaders were brought back in the 80's I bought em all. Great stuff.

Guys' Guy said...

Thanks for the crash course in The Sheild 101

Anonymous said...

Of all of MLJ's stable of heroes, I just want them to bring back BOB PHANTOM! He could have a B&B team-up with Batman Jones! C'mon, it'll be great, I promise.

Marc Burkhardt said...

Can't wait for your Hangman and Mr. Justice recaps.

One of the interesting things about Golden Age MLJ is that they weren't afraid to mess with the status quo.

The Shield was permanently stripped of his super-powers at one point in the 40s while The Comet was killed off as part of The Hangman's origin.

Pretty cool stuff for its day.

Derek said...

Wait, so The Shield's power is to adhere to walls "like a human fly"?

What does The Fly do?

Diabolu Frank said...

I bought a Shield figure as part of the "Mighty Crusaders" line. That toy brought me no joy as a child whatsoever. I hates the Shield, then I hates him some more!

Anonymous said...

I love how cheerful he looks about being able to withstand a sword.

More heroes need to enjoy the invulnerability.

Siskoid said...

Maybe he can stick to walls thanks to his magnetic personality.

Shameless plug: The Impact Shield.

And now you know the REST of the story.

SallyP said...

Oh great, now you've made Hal cry1