Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy my comics this week.

  • There were dogs all over Manhunter this week, which is good, because, while there are dogs all over the place in real life, you seldom see any in comic books.
  • Nightwing and the god of fractions.
  • You're pretty much asking for it, if your weapon has to be plugged in while you're fighting.
  • Supergirl plays guitar?
  • Walt Disney goes off the deep end in Comic Book Comics #2. Why aren't you reading Comic Book Comics?
  • Jonah Hex versus the blueberry pie.
  • Uberfraulein, indeed.
  • Okay, even though this is the same "Darkseid takes over the Earth when we're not looking" plot that Morrison used just as incomprehensibly in his JLA run, Final Crisis #3 will still be remembered well because it returns both Barry Allen and the real Aquaman.
  • Thor survives.
  • Spoiler's secret is a doozy, and I wasn't expecting it.
  • Supergirl sews?
  • "There's no basement in the Alamo."
  • There he is: the mysterious new Aquaman, looking exactly as he should and riding a giant sea horse. Of course, I might have preferred that his historic first words not be "Article X?"
  • Suicide Squad? Okay, that's a surprise.
  • Based of Hush's opinion of Zatanna, I think he reads this blog.
  • Supergirl paints?
  • Obviously, the most evil of the Evil Gods is the one who did Mary Marvel's hair.
  • "This is highly implausible ... yet poetically appropriate!"
  • Supergirl's designing herself a new costume!
  • Two-Face, finding an evil way to do something good.
  • Mr. Tawky Tawny-- still a sharp dresser.
  • That's ... quite a lot of firewood, Jonah.
  • The connection with the Scarecrow has finally made this character remotely interesting; nice move, Paul.
  • Wait... did the Human Flame just call something "gay"? BWAHAHAHA!
  • "I'd know that aura anywhere."
  • Lex Luthor, renounce science? Somehow, I don't see that happening.
  • Jonah Hex versus the Bible.


Riddering said...

You mean Supergirl is finally being portrayed as the modern day Renaissance Man I've always known she could be?

Oh man, I cannot wait to get my comics this week!

ticknart said...

Of course Supergirl can sew. Hasn't super-sewing been part of her powers since the sixties?

Roberts said...

Yeah, but Byrne retconned it out years ago.

Guys' Guy said...

Based of Hush's opinion of Zatanna, I think he reads this blog.

That has to be one of the funniest things I have read...can't wait to see what that's about LOL

Diabolu Frank said...

The real Aquaman's back! Woo-hoo! But who's going to write him? Geoff's booked up...

"Why aren't you reading Comic Book Comics?"

Waiting for the trade, just like I did with Action Philosophers. A better question (for myself) would be why I haven't read my copy of Vol.3 yet.

Derek said...

Nightwing and the god of fractions.

"How doth a runner overcome Zeno's Paradox?

By my will alone!"

Patrick C said...

Are we sure that just isn't the "new" Aquaman? That's the impression I got anyway.

Anonymous said...

Is the Martian Manhunter still dead?

Scipio said...

How in the sea did you get that impression?

That Aquaman has different hair and costume, and more inalterably, black eyes and gills on his neck.

Plus... riding a giant seahorse? Nothing says "I am old-school Aquaman" more than riding a giant seahorse.

Besides, that version wouldn't be called "this mysterious new Aquaman". Black-eyes has worked with Superman et al., and wouldn't be considered "mysterious" to them.

SallyP said...

I have to admit to being impressed with both the return of the REAL Aquaman and Barry.

I also think that I've discovered the plot twist to Final Crises. Lex Luthor is going to save the world...through SCIENCE! Oh Libra, you picked the wrong man to mock! On the other hand, poor Mike. All he really wanted was Joey and his crime suit.

I also did not expect the Suicide Squad. Boomer is looking very sharp there, I must say.

Anonymous said...

I was really happy to see Supergirl's painting, because it dovetails (maybe) with my notion for the character.

Kara's looking for her place in the world, but what is it? Artist. No, seriously, what about her is absolutely unique (well, before several thousand Kandorians turn up, but let's ignore that for the moment)? She remembers Krypton, she lived there. Kal-El is a student of Krypton, but Kara's the only one who has experienced it.

Krypton only truly survives through Kara's memories. Thus, she might feel a duty to preserve those memories for posterity. How? Through art! (Or writing, or video blogging, or who knows what medium.)

As soon as I thought of it, I loved this idea, and it makes me want to write a Supergirl series myself. This "artistic purpose" would drive her in all sorts of interesting directions, with story potential. She enrolls in college - no, no secret identity, just "Kara Zor-El, Freshman." Studying different forms of artistic expression, learning the craft, interacting with lots of normal humans....

(And one interesting/potentially amusing aspect is that this is basically a lifelong project for her. Right now, she might not be a *good* artist. She's learning, and might be quite terrible at present, or not finding the right medium to express herself yet.)

Michael Xavier said...

Hey Scipio,

How many AquaHoodies can we put you down for?

It's like selling girl scout cookies!

rap said...

How about that annotated Final Crisis #1? Oddly unsatisfying, imho.


Anonymous said...

Have any of you ever watched a real seahorse swim? They weakly flutter their dorsal fin, and are barely able to move through the water. They are ludicrous. They live among seaweed where they are hidden and barely need to move. Using a huge one as a mount makes about as much sense as using a Macy's parade balloon as a fighter jet.

Scipio said...

That makes it EVEN COOLER, Joe!

Journals said...

I can see why you don't particularly care for it; nor do I, especially since it IS just a rehash... but how is it "incomprehensible?" It's pretty straight forward.