Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

  • Ah. The old "second identity-module set up in case of psychological debilitation" routine. Makes sense. Not really worth all these issues, but still it makes some sense.
  • "Money is easy. Answers are hard."
  • Alfred & His Shotgun versus Booster Gold & Co. Guess who wins?
  • Tom Tresser gets groomed. And looks really hot during it.
  • Batman's cape in Batman Confidential deserves it own miniseries.
  • The Club of Villains doesn't seem quite as threatening as they did in the first splash panel.
  • I'm pretty certain I've never seen Superman throw up before.
  • "Henchmen are for wussies."
  • Batgirl's high heel destroys reality as we know it.
  • Okay, I know the blue jay wasn't supposed to be funny. But it was HILARIOUS.
  • It's raining ocula; hallelujah! Where's the Corinthian when you need him?
  • Sarge Steel's diary has a very interesting prose-style, doesn't it?
  • The Bat-Radia made me laugh.
  • The Girl Sentries versus the Bonfire Girls.
  • I'm pretty certain I've never seen Mojo throw up before. Certain not that.
  • "Gnats and nuisance," is my new favorite phrase.
  • They weren't aiming at Connor.
  • Eddie Brock's cancer is gone. Interesting.
  • Cottus. Always good to see a classical monster, even if only in cameo.
  • "Whatever you do, don't upset Hippolyta."
  • Supergirl versus Cat Grant's boobs.
  • So, is that the first time the Narrows has been mentioned by name in comics proper?
  • Hawkman fighting an ape in a bustier. Um, the ape, not Hawkman.
  • The Moth Signal, and all that comes with it.
  • I'm really really starting to adore Donna Troy. I guess I really am gay.
  • Super-deep-throating is a rarely used power.
  • "But one guy at a time just doesn't do it for me." Really, it gives a whole new meaning to the name 'Bulls-eye'.
  • Superman versus a big monkey. I like big monkeys. Particulary ones that are correctly named.


Anonymous said...

"I'm really really starting to adore Donna Troy. I guess I really am gay."


Your Ol' Pal Rob said...

Not to mention Ultra the Multi-Alien. I thought I saw his constituent progenitors in Action a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

loved the little moth wings on skeets - adorable!

Although Alfred may have a different opinion than Bruce on the use of deadly force, I find it hard to believe that Bruce signed off on Alfred going all Cheney over an intruder to the batcave. Surely there are some non-lethal protocols in place? Great scene though.

Benari said...

Awesome seeing you in person. We should definitely make actual plans next time in DC!

Anonymous said...

Superman barfed in SUPERMAN/ALIENS. He puked up an alien, in fact!

That book was a forgotten gem. Unbelievable art and a script you would never have guessed came from Dan Jurgens.

I know this arc in Wonder Woman wasn't your favorite, but thanks for the acknowledgments!


Scipio said...

You're welcome, Gail! I'm very much looking forward to the "Wonder Woman: the Movie" plot; it sounds like pure genius.

Nick said...

Hah, I was sure I'd be the first to point out Superman vomiting out an alien (in space, no less! zero g emesis!) back in the first superman/aliens mini.

Gail is correct, though, the art, as well as the colouring, was excellent in that book. I may have to dig that one out tonight. (anyone need a super-vomit scan?)

CandidGamera : said...

It was an exceptionally strong week of comics this week, overall.

SallyP said... much to love this week. Supergirl vs Cat's boobs indeed. And I have to admit that I am finding Tom Tresser to be hilarious. But it is pretty obvious that his boss has some...issues.

The raining eyeballs scene was a bit gory, but hey, they reopened Warriors! Woohoo!

And I really really hope that nothing horrible happens to the girl gorilla in the bustier, because she's just fabulous.

Anonymous said...

What was the Moth Signal in? I haven't read my comics this week yet and I just want to make sure I don't miss it...

Scipio said...


Guys' Guy said...

I have to say I got a kick out of this...

Hawkman fighting an ape in a bustier. Um, the ape, not Hawkman.

Especially if it's Primat. I loved last issue where Nightwing says something like "I bet you have a million questions for us." to Primat. Her response was something like "Yes I do, like how do you get your derrier to look so in good in those tights..." or something like that...god that made me split a seem.

I'm super curious to know the meaning behind: "Super-deep-throating is a rarely used power."
what is that in?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that in a reality where the bad guys rule Gotham, Alfred has more aggressive tendencies than we're used to.

There's been a LOT of Barbara Gordon in this series. Possible love interest?

Also, that dagger seemed important based on the angle of the panel with everyone getting into the Time Sphere...anyone recognize it?



Anonymous said...

I may be remembering incorrectly, but I'm sure Superman threw up lava in an issue of Superman Confidential.

The throwing up in this issue was much ickier though. As was the rain of eyeballs in GL Corps. That book just ups the gore-levels every single month. In a good way though.

Scipio said...

Superdeepthroating is in, appropriately enough, Action.

And, yes, that dagger is definitely the 'gun introduced in the first act that must be fired by the third act'.

Scipio said...

I never imagined I'd meet you in person, Benari; it was great! Let's make plans next time for dinner and some sort of hoopla at Big Monkey.

Daniel said...

I THOUGHT that was Ultra...

Anonymous said...

Love the list this week.

"Ah. The old "second identity-module set up in case of psychological debilitation" routine. Makes sense. Not really worth all these issues, but still it makes some sense."

Right with you on this one. This was the week I was disturbed because I seem to be starting to understand Morrison's plotlines.

Anonymous said...

Excellent list, but I need to know where the girl sentries, Cottus and Blue Jay (the original Jason Todd?) refer to? Ta!