Saturday, March 17, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

Let me start by mentioning some things that have made me happy in the comics blogosphere: the new blogs linked in my sidebar.

"Facedown in the Gutters"
is by a faithful and witty Absorbacommando, Jon C., formerly of Colchester, Connecticut. He's moved to DC recently and is now a favorite customer at Big Monkey Comics. His blog is in the midst of an elimination tournament of Marvel superheroes called "Old School Civil War"; I find his Dr. Strange theory very compelling!

"Jon Hex Lives"
is by a longtime Big Monkey regular, Jonnie, who's low-key, dry sense of humor is a much beloved feature of our Wednesday Night Party. He's made the switch from LiveJournal to actual bloghood, so please give him a visit.

"Those Wednesdays" deserves to update more frequently, when it does, it's a must-read. Currently, it's fascinating both me and Devon with its theories about the large (VERY VERY LARGE) scale scope of DC upcoming crossovers. The blog is written by Ben H., whom we are proud to have as a new employee at Big Monkey.

Things that made me happy in my comics themselves this week included:

  • DC's big honking house ads for Countdown. That is fun; that is how to build excitement!
  • Absorbafave the Phantom Stranger showing up in Tales of The Unexpected to bring some class to the gorefest that is The Spectre. I can't think of anyone else who could talk smack to the Big Guy like PS does in this issue.
  • Wonder Woman as a source of inspiration to other women, courtesy of Will Pfeiffer; no wonder he's one of my favorite writers!
  • THANK YOU KURT BUSIEK! I love the Prankster and you are person who knows how to write him best.
  • Dr. Sivana in 52. What makes people like Veronica Cale wet themselves with fear makes Thaddeus laugh in thrilled anticipation.
  • Atom-Smasher outmaneuvers Amanda Waller.
  • Robin in his own title. Thanks to Beechen, Robin is both very human and vulnerable, yet still astoundingly impressive and just cool.


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad you left me up there!

Derek said...

When I was reading Superman, I kept getting the feeling that The Prankster is the Scipio of the DCU.

Conducting himself with style and aplomb, lamenting the lack of class in today's society, even concocting elaborate plots but making sure said plans include his favourite superhero (in this case, Vibe).

I'm surprise Scipio didn't get a special thanks at the beginning of the issue.

Scipio said...

Me, get special thanks in the front of a comic?

Ha! As if!