Wednesday, March 21, 2007

50 Reasons to Buy Aquaman #50

1. Calamari meetings.
2. The Mystery of Who "Issitoq the Narwahl" Is and How He Came To Be.
3. The Return of Topo.
4. Horny Mera.
5. The Return of Cal Durham
6. Tempest's new look.
7. The promise of "hatches" in the sea.
8. Lot of things happening. Fast. Lots and lots.
9. Super Ultra Mega.
10. Rodunn, wearing pants.
11. The trail of bubbles.
12. The splitting of Mera's head.
13. The broken sword.
14. King Shark's farewell.
15. The sleeping god of Dyss.
16. "Great waves!"
17. The new mayor of Sub Diego.
18. The globularity of Mera's breasts.
19. Coleoidiforms.
20. "Oh ... crap."
21. Righteous tribal shoulder tatoos.
22. "Suffering shad!"
23. Atsiul's squadron faring poorly.
24. Raise Sub Diego...!?
25. Vengeance sworn!
26. Old scientists with boys in sailor suits.
27. Organ grinders' monkeys.
28. "We eat."
29. The glowing pointy stick of doom.
30. The executioner's victim.
31. Poetry by Tempest!
32. Albart's early histories.
33. Narwhal's fabulous hair-do.
34. "I inked myself."
35. A sword in the stone reference I actually enjoyed!
36. Innovative monster-bashing technique.
37. The continued ambiguity of the gender of Garth's child.
38. The Spear of Dyss versus the Sword of Atlantis.
39. Sealife discussing the fashion challenges of spinelessness.
40. Goofus's sea-asthma.
41. The ruins of Poseidonis.
42. Topo's full name.
43. "After this issues troupe of new character appears, a pack of old ones returns!"
44. Neos, a.k.a., "Squidville".
45. The eyes -- and diet-- of the Sea Bishop.
46. "You need to work on your small talk, forky."
47. Bad guys getting eaten.
48. Nice coloring/inking!
49. "We have far to go ... and you have people to kill."
50. Enjoyable credits.


Derek said...

Wow! That's more than 2 reasons per page.

I guess I'll add that to my list this week. That makes the 13th title I'm picking up Wednesday. Yeesh, why does everything come out in one week?

This is clearly everyone else's fault but my own.

Anonymous said...

the return of topo? seriously? that would be reason enough right there.

Anonymous said...

As much as it pained me, I've dropped this book twice from my pull list and picked it back up twice in the past 6 or 7 months. Glad I picked it up again every time, though it still wasn't quite the fun I'd hoped it would be. Even though Busiek's run started getting better toward the end, I'm looking forward to this new team. Your list really really makes me happy I stuck with it and am giving this new group a chance. Especially happy to hear about the coloring and ink of this new book. How I miss the old colors of Aquaman books.

Anonymous said...

I'll check it out, as it seems like there's a lot of stuff going on. I know a lot of people disliked the last run based solely on the new character, but I absolutely loved it (except the flashback issues). I didn't have this on my pull list, but hopefully there should be an extra copy at my shop.

David Campbell said...

Globularity? Mera? Breast?

Those are like, my three favorite things! I MUST HAVE THIS COMIC.

Diamondrock said...

If that new mayor of Sub Diego turns out to be Black Manta then I TOTALLY frickin said that should happen, like, a year ago.

Kyle Latino said...

47. Bad guys getting eaten...

please tell me it was Aquaman. It think that may be the only way to make him cooler than he already is... eating bad guys. Law of the sharks, deal with it.

Well, that and puffer fish references.

Anonymous said...

"Globularity"? Is that a long O or a short O? The answer could change the whole tone of the comment.

wrath said...

very seldom has tad disappointed me, I almost like Calaban's Hour, his retelling of the tempest better then the original, almost

I just wonder, can captain Storm Have a guest shot?, I just finished reading New Frontier, and I am convinced I need More.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Credits are Wonderful. And just who is that handsome devil that was thanked BEFORE KURT BUSIEK? Hmmmm?

I LOVED the artwork.
So much...peppier...

Now if we can get the Human Flying Fish a spot in there I'd be happy.

Scipio said...

If we want to see the Human Flying Fish and Captain Storm again, we need to all make certain Aquaman continues...!

rachelle said...

I picked up this comic yesterday and totally loved it. I'm going to recommend it to everyone who comes into the shop.

Scipio said...

Our store ran out of copies by 5PM yesterday...

Anonymous said...

It was good. My only qualm was the cartooniness of the pencil work, which was quite a shift from the previous team. It took away from the overall Great Things Are Afoot and the Impending Sense Of Doom moods that I think Mr. Williams was going for.

R Greene said...

I especially enjoyed the Special Thanks. Were you the life model for the young Arthur Curry? Or the special advisor to all things Topo?

I must've missed the refernce to Cerdian. Perhaps he/she ould be a love interest to this new Arthur. And Garth in Vulko's old role... Once he's cured, of course.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very nice credits. But they did make me wonder what the thanks were for? Research? Encouragement? Scones?

I dig Aquaman. He's the ruler of 2/3 of the entire planet (suck on that, Dr. Doom) but I come and go on the comic because of spotty execution. After reading #50, though, I am very excited to see where it's going. Lately there's a real sense of a very large community living in the sea, not just a guy and a bunch of fish.

Scipio said...

Not scones; sea biscuits.

Anonymous said...

Scipio, for whatever input you had on this issue, thanks a plenty! LOVED this issue, though I thought my head might explode from all the activity. Loved the humor, all those light touches (and the sense of community) that the last arc was missing. Finally, Aquaman is looking like something I'll look forward to every month. Tad is a life saver (as it were).

Anonymous said...

Finally an Aquaman book done in style. The creative team was exactly what Aquaman needed badly. Loved the artwork, but it could be cleaned up, it looked more rushed than cartoonish at times, great expressions. Great start!


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