Wednesday, March 28, 2007

YOU MAY NOW COMMENT ON: DC Comics Presents #68

Vixen's bra is disintegrated
by the combined brainpower of the Wizard magazine staff.

You think her mind is flexible, Doc? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

So who is responsible for that truly monstrous panel
and the one that follows it?

Yes,World-Weary Jimmy Olsen, I suppose it is:
Gerry Conway.

You see, Washington's Big Monkey only seems to be a comic book store; that's just a cover. Actually, it's a DEO facility for storing dangerous cultural artifacts. Like the one that recently tried to break out of the containment fields in the storage tesseract that we keep beside the Elektra busts:

DC Comics Presents #68.

Vixen selects her Friday night date.

"Oh, my god! Vixen and the Guardian have been caught in a transporter accident!"

When Dale Gunn turned his attentions back to Zatanna,
Superman got sloppy seconds.

It ain't called the "Fortress of Solitude" for nothing, folks.

Vixen takes a wrong turn at NYCC

into the Cup O' Joe panel.

Supermodel/superhero killed in freak tanning bed accident.

Film at eleven.

"Gerry! Is that Wonder Wonder sneaking on to Doctor Domino's battleship?"


Pity this panel couldn't have taken up the entire page, instead of just two thirds.

God help us!
It's Christopher "Dangerous to Your Health" Walken,
the Surgeon General of Earth-3!

According to Dr. Walken,
the only cure for Teenage Tolkienitis is euthanasia.

I wonder whether zzaksticks work on Star Wars fans, too.

Poor Gerry;
he never quite understood that a comic book is not the same thing
as a filmic storyboard.

Didn't I see that chair at a recent JLA meeting?

Curt Swann...

never met a cigarette holder he didn't like to draw.

Vanilla Superman was no match
for Christopher Walken's Viagramatic headband

But Vixen just laughed and laughed... .

And the award for bravest man in the DCU goes to ...

Vixen's gynecologist.


ChrisM said...

I dunno..he strikes me as less Christopher Walken and more like Lithgow's John BigBootay from Buckaroo Banzai..."Calibrate that overthruster!!"

Anonymous said...

Vixen looks a bit pregnant there in that list panel.

One to many late-night "JLA Meetings" I suspect.

Sleestak said...

Ork-Boy needs his own book.

Zaratustra said...

Ork ork ork!

Anonymous said...

That's not just any Christopher Walken. That's clearly the genetically-engineering Nazi Christopher Walken from "A View to a Kill".

So is Vixen being played by Grace Jones in this comic?

Anonymous said...

This isn't about the issue (which I remember buyinga nd enjoying. ah, youth) but about your banner: Am I the only one who thinks everyone else is totally checking Vibe out?

Anonymous said...

"Vixen's bra is disintegrated by the combined brainpower of the Wizard magazine staff" is one of those statements that contains too much enlightenment for any one context.

Scipio said...

Well, who can blame them, Steve?

It's Vibe!

Jon said...

That's an itty bitty boat.

It's only, like, two and a half Vixens tall.

Scipio said...

Yes, I'm kind of wondering why it doesn't just, you know...

fall over on her.

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