Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Last night, during our Heroclix game, Devon reminded me that tomorrow is the day Aquaman 50 comes out, by new Aquaman writer Tad Williams (Hi, Tad!). Do buy it, won't you? Tad has some, heh, interesting plans, and I don't want them to be cut short by falling sales... .

So, to celebrate the start of Tad's run, I've made something special (again!) for Heroclix players who are Aquaman fans.

If people who love Heroclix deserve special love and people who love Aquaman deserve special love, then who deserves special love more than Heroclix players who love Aquaman? And by "special love" I don't mean you-know-what ... .

Here at the Absorbascon, we've helped them out before with Fishclix and Even More Fishclix. To that, we'll now add the Water Map Rules and the Aquatic Objects.

The Water Map Rules are kind of like the Battlefield Condition Card "Atlantis Rising", except that Atlantis Rising clearly describes water flooding a land area, whereas the Water Map Rules describes an area on the ocean floor.

The Water Map Rules
  • Using any regular Heroclix map, treat all terrain as water terrain (including the elevated terrain).
  • All Aquatic characters are allowed to soar, and must soar to traverse hindering terrain or access elevated terrain.
  • Aquaman has Flight.
  • Non-aquatic characters are permitted in the game at the discretion of the players, but their speed and range (including range for "mental powers" like Outwit, Perplex, and Probability Control) are halved.
  • When a non-aquatic character attacks or makes an attack-like action (such as Incapacitate), they must choose to reduce either their Attack Value or Damage Value by one.
  • Oh, and yes, Aquatic characters may used the "Submerged" Feat Card. Heh heh.

That'll put those stinking airbreathers in their place! Sure, you can put Superman underwater or get out the Bat-scuba gear, but the rules aren't in your favor if you do. And if you're one of those people who can't manage without Running Shot, then just forget about it! Leave Deadshot in the box and start practicing with your Rookie Animal Man.

There aren't a lot of gumball machines and hotdog stands on the ocean floor, so here are some object tokens for use with the Water Map Rules. The dark rings are heavy objects and the light rings are light objects.

Now Aquaman can anchor your team and your opponent's! Feel free to use your best Popeye cackle when you crack open Halo's skull with this baby.

Your Koryak mod will have a better shot at doing damage if he's holding the cannon!

Girls will admire your Chest when you use it to make your foe a Dead Man!

It's not just for show!

Set a course for your enemies and they'll learn to steer clear of the wheel!

Use this club to wail on your foes! They'll be Blue and call you "Killer"!


What better way to "conch" an opposing figure?

My evil mastermind went to Sub Diego, and all I got was this stupid Dead Panda!


Anonymous said...

Wow, my own Absorbashout-out! Cool.

The Heroclixing world owes you a huge debt of gratitude, too, for your tireless service to the sport.

Anonymous said...

I love the water map rules, suddenly Aquaman can swim circles around the average figure. Plus, this might even elevate the old Black Manta figure from "absolute waste of points" to "not so bad".

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Figurehead be George W. Bush?

Anonymous said...

Dead Panda = Best. Pog. Ever.

Kyle Latino said...

Someone should work up a map of a dock. You know, so Aquaman can fight dock crime. Cause, you know, that's all he ever gets to do even though, HE THE KING OF THE SEA!

(Of course, present run of Aquaman is excluded from my griping)

PS I think me "word verification" is spelling nasty words to me...

Will Pfeifer said...

I have never in my life been as proud as I was the moment the dead panda was immortalized as a pog.