Friday, October 27, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in this week's comics.

  • In Action this week it became apparent that, thanks to decades of local property damage and alien attacks, the pigeons of Metropolis have become completely unflappable. That's Darwinism in Action.
  • The Daily Star scoops the Planet with photos of Superman saving Jimmy Olsen (again).
  • Clark Kent finally realizes just how impressive Ma and Pa Kent are.
  • In JSA Classified, Bane turns out to be lying (!) and Rick Tyler outwits him stylishly. I don't know who writer Tony Bedard is, but I now officially like him; he is a Disciple of Sundell.
  • In Secret Six, the innocence of Knockout is touching.
  • Vandal Savage's choice of "son-in-law"? Brilliant, logical, and I never saw it coming.
  • Mad Hatter kicking Dr. Psycho's ass. Yes, Dr. Psycho, you are sick and disturbed; but the Mad Hatter is five kinds of crazy.
  • Meanwhile, in 52 .... what is it with all the cannabilism in comic books lately? I blame zombies.
  • Good to see the Squid.
  • In Justice, Batman calls Superman on his BS ... finally!
  • Plastic Man calling the Elongated Man a useless, self-absorbed whiner ... finally!
  • Green Lantern's visitor and what he has to say about Hal's real weakness.
  • GODS, Krueger is good! He knows that Wonder Woman's inhuman perfection IS her flaw and is destroying her through her own feet of clay.
  • And AGAIN, Krueger knocks it out of the park with Aquaman, who is, as I've always suspected, the real leader of the Justice League.
  • Jim Krueger, you are a Golden Apostle of Sundell, and you understand DC's icons better than anyone else who's written the Justice League not only recently but perhaps ever.
  • Oh, what's with the giant ovoid creature in 52? Wow, I never saw THAT one coming!


Anonymous said...

My guess on the ovoid MODOK-like villain is that it may be an updated Egg-Fu. I guess we'll wait n see,

Sleestak said...

i like that Dr. Psycho can't defeat Hatter by brain-zapping him. Nothing the Doc could put in his head would faze him. He'd just go with it.

Scipio said...

Heh, yes, Garrett, I know; I was the one who "broke the story" on Egg Fu early on, so I was being facetious...

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else completely frightened by the updated Egg-Fu? He looks like he could peel my skin off in one thin strip, and giggle while doing it.

Scipio said...

"and giggle while doing it."

"Heeee-ho!", to be precise.

Chris said...

Tony Bedard had a really smart run on Marvel's Exiles recently (for like 5 years, I think) and currently writes the all-ages Marvel Adventures: Avengers.

I could be wrong, but I'd swear that he used to write Hourman for DC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the new Egg Fu is scary as all hell. Does anyone know what Chang Tzu translates as? Other than than the Taoist philospher that is?

And the cannabilsm! Because nothin' says lovin' like Kite Man in the oven!

Anonymous said...

Even if Bedard doesn't write MA: Avengers Scipio should read it, for it is great.


Plastic Man telling Ralph he can practice on him before telling Cpt. Marvel to leave, was great. It was nice to see Plastic Man be a voice of reason for once.

Anonymous said...

Tony Bedard edited Hourman, according to wikipedia. So it makes sense that he would understand the characters.

Chance said...

I dunno if you were being serious about Knockout's innocence being 'touching," but Marionette made a good argument over at her blog that it's pretty unlikely, and i agree.

Bill Reed said...

Hey man, don't be hatin' on Elongated Man.

Anonymous said...

Bedard still writes Exiles.

I don't really care for the Five Years Ago shift of Jimmy Olsen. He was working on being a full reporter last month and now he can't get a decent photograph.

The characterization of Knockout in Secret Six is way off. Simone tries to make her this lost little girl who just happens to like destuction when in Superboy, where she created, she knew exactly what right and wrong was, but just didn't care.

Justice is the best version of the League since Morrison. Yes, Morrison was one of(if not) the best and I can not be persuaded otherwise for any reason.

Hourman rocks. Drugs rule!!

Anonymous said...

Those were puffins.

Puffins disguised as penguins.


Anonymous said...

I would think anyone brought up on Apokolips who found themselves loving someone else would display odd moments of vulnerability and confusion. I'm assuming Knockout truly loving Scandal is what's altering her character. I'm also suprised that people seem to think that it would be obvious in a relationship between two lesbian/bisexual supervillains that what was expected from the other was monogamy. At what point would Knockout have been thinking "It must be my adherence to conventional morality which is attracting her..." I don't know Scandal's previous history (if she has one), but so far she doesn't strike me as someone who'd be shy about telling you what's important to her in a relationship. Hence, Knockout is confused.

Anonymous said...

..I thought Hal's secret weakness was women.