Friday, October 20, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Virtually everything Film Freak does, says, or simply is, in Catwoman.
  • The colored dot symbol Catwoman is using for drunken speech. Circles I've seen; but coloring them in is so much richer. I want a color coding system now; blue & purple means "Sad Drunk"; yellow & pink, "Happy Drunk"; red & orange, "Belligerent Drunk"; and so on.
  • Bruce Wayne, in Robin. If you think Bruce Wayne is a jerk, then you aren't reading Robin.
  • Martian Manhunter's art project in 52.
  • I demand that Wizkids produce a Special Collector's Set of Heroclix with Gladiator Giant, Dynamole, The Crimson Ghost, E.S. Pete, Fireface, Jack of All Trades, The Tornado Ninja, Lady Liberty, Immortal Bald Man in Armor, and Poledancer.
  • Skeets, kicking @$$.
  • Ah; NOW I see why Atom-Smasher went to jail...!
  • Ollie Queen's campaign manager; nice touch.
  • Is this the end of ... Super-Chief?!?!?!
  • J'onn's Little Plan That Backfired; oops.
  • The beauty of Matt Wagner's prose for Batman in "Mad Monk"; you deserve to read "Mad Monk" and its predecessor miniseries with Hugo Strange.


Derek said...

Catwoman has to be my favourite title on the shelves today. It is consistently well-written, and I LOVE Film Freak.

Kalinara did a great post semi-recently (which I can't seem to find) about Holly dropping the Catwoman mantle and becoming Ted Grant's sidekick/partner. Which is something I'd love to see. It's pretty clear Selina's not going to retire, and I like the idea of Holly fighting by the side of her buddy/father figure as the Alleycat!

I'm getting my hopes up for something that will never happen, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

Catwoman is the title I never, ever thought would make it to my top ten favorite books every month. Film Freak rocks!

"Yojimbo_5" said...


So disposable as a trademark...and a character.

Favorite character quote from "Ambush Bug" (getting squashed by Firestorm): *GFN*

When YOU get hit, don't you use your creator's name in vain?

Anonymous said...



I love all things Waller-related, but...dayum.

Anyone else going to miss Punch, Javelin, and/or the (original) Tattooed Man?

The DCU was a niftier place when you had married-with-children villains, so I'll miss Punch dearly.

The Tattooed Man was always a fave, especially when he played "sailor" to Green Lantern's "airman."

And poor, poor Javelin...this is the 2nd time he's died as a Squad member...and just when he found his accent again, too.

Shawn Levasseur said...

I post this here beause I can't find an e-mail link for you Scipio. On this blog post:

there was this comment:

"When was the last time Batman was tied up to a big penis substitute?"

I couldn't help but think that you would have the answer. (Your mission if you choose to accept it....)

MaGnUs said...

I want to be Inmortal-Bald-Man-In-Armor