Monday, October 09, 2006

Catching Up With Arthur

The last time I was lucky enough to catch up with the King of the Seas was right before he was banished from his own book, but was looking forward to his new TV show. That didn't pan out, but as I've been hearing other rumors, and tracked him down again to see what I could find out...

"Sir, sir! Since the television show fell through, how've you been keeping yourself busy?"

"Well, now that you have so much free time on your hands, have you had the chance to read
Sword of Atlantis at all?"

"Indeed. The plot aside, what do you think of this sword-wielding fellow, the New Aquaman?"

"I've heard that your absence from your own book, your appearances in
Justice, and the buzz about you in other media has sparked readers' demand for your return. Have you yourself noticed?"

"It's been noted that despite having been killed and replaced, your old JLA buddies Ollie Queen and Hal Jordan have both come back..."

"Care to comment on the rumors that you're planning a comeback of some sort with your agent?"

"Would you want Kurt Busiek, who's been doing such wonderful work on Superman, to continue writing the book if you return?"

"Sorry, sir; forget I asked."

"Me, too, sir; and soon!"


Douglas Wolk said...

This may be the first "break-in"/"Flying Saucer" blog post I've ever seen. Genius. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Say, Mr. Jaws, how do you feel about eating that Captain Quinn?"


Once again, Scipio, you knock down the house. Slow clap, sir. Slow clap, Mr. President. Amen to that, sir.

Scipio said...

""break-in"/"Flying Saucer""

Hmm...if I understood that reference, I bet I'd be even MORE flattered!

""Say, Mr. Jaws.."

I remember that one ... clearly!

Rob S. said...

The one I heard first was "The Hundred-Mile Long Gas Line." Fun stuff, man.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Scipio, Mssrs Wolk and Plok refer to the "break-in" style of novelty song pioneered by Bill Buchanan & Dickie Goodman.

The "break-in" usually involves a reporter questioning a subject and getting a response done with a sound clip from another popular song.


Reporter: "How are you doing, Mr. Martian Invader?"

Alien: "I feel good!" (sample from James Brown)

There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of novelty songs in that vein, and they were regular staples on Dr. Demento's radio show. The first ones were cute (given that they were mostly sci-fi/horror related), but man, do they get old quick.

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