Monday, October 30, 2006

Golden Age Wonder Woman Week Begins

If this doesn't terrify you for Halloween, I can't imagine what would:
Are you ready for ... Golden Age Wonder Woman Week?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I just read that issue.

And clipped the same panel!

GA WW is just fun.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Though it is a cliche to write this, for once it is true.

That panel caused me to snarf my morning coffee.

Oh, this week is going to be mighty, isn't it? Sweet.

SallyP said...

That...that is what secretaries wear? All those years...sob...wasted!

Jeremy Rizza said...

That outfit is surprisingly accurate.

Bully said...

Oh, please please tell us that her arm is hard-wired to her brain by that cord for ultra-efficient space-dictation.

Scipio said...

Of course it is, Bully. To quote:

"This is a woman's invention called phonetic arm control. The microphone on the secretary's forehead takes the employer's dictation! Electric impulses pass through the headband and these wires to the girl's arms compel her to type every word as it is spoken."

And Wonder Woman's reply?

"How wonderful!"

Bones said...


Yeoman Rand's probably sitting in the next cubicle over.