Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weather Week: Worlds of Wonder

Oh, Wonder Woman.  You are so ... different.  I'm not talking about her gender.  In many ways, that is the LEAST of it. 

Batman (and the host of similar nonsuperhuman vigilantes) has his roots in pulp ficition and detective stories.  Superman (and the host of similar superpowered adventures) has his roots in science fiction.  Wonder Woman (and not too many characters that aren't directly related to her in the DCU) has her roots in ancient mythology.

Batman and Superman fight crime and supervillains.  Wonder Woman fights monsters, foreign dictators, and lesbian hippy slave rings

Even though one is the city mouse and one is the country mouse, Batman and Superman both live in big east-coast-style cities.  Wonder Woman lives

In this series, we've been looking at the season in the cities of the various big heroes in the DCU.  It is was easy with Batman and Superman; we know where they live.  But, unlike those two, Wonder Woman doesn't have one fictionopolis with which she is consistently associated.  So figuring out the seasonal patterns in the place Wonder Woman lives is impossible.  

Instead, then, we meditate on the fact that "Where Wonder Woman Lives"... IS her seasonal pattern.  And a very complicated one it is, too. Whereas the seasons in Gotham City and Metropolis are easily represented by four rectangular panels of appropriate sizes, the kaleidoscope of Wonder Woman's every-shifting location is more like a crazy-quilt.  Honestly, sometimes I wonder whether she's secretly chasing Carmen Sandiego. 

  1. On Paradise Island
  2. In London
  3. In Gateway City
  4. On Mars
  5. In Boston
  6. At Eveland, the Antarctic Eden
  7. In Washington DC
  8. Hating I Ching
  9. In space
  10. On some Mystic/Mythical plane
  11. In Occupied Europe
  12. In Monaco
  13. Working at Taco Whiz
  14. On Saturn
  15. In a white pantsuit
  16. On Mount Olympus
  17. At Holliday College
  18. In Southeast Asia
  19. On Venus


SallyP said...

Obviously, Wonder Woman is a free spirit and cannot be chained by the vagaries of the weather!

Although I hear that Themyscira is nice and warm. Just look out for the sharks.

Bryan L said...

I always associate Wonder Woman with Washington, DC. I assume her Diana Prince ID and the TV series forever cemented that in my mind (though now that I think about it, I'm not sure where the TV series was actually set). I am reliably informed by some chap on the Internet that DC has wildly variable weather, which would actually fit your crazy quilt profile, right?

Scipio said...

Indeed it would.