Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weather Week: Apex City

Weather Week at the Absorbascon wraps us with the weather in Apex City, hometown of the wacky Martian Martian.

Well, really, what can I say about the weather in Apex City that I haven't already said before?

It's always summer in Apex City because, as we know, Apex City is Florida.  But that doesn't mean it doesn't have seasons; they look roughly like this:


Nathan Hall said...

And in the forecast today, we have a 60 percent chance of falling planes, but don't put your squirrel suit away yet because tomorrow there's a 90 percent chance everything will be on fire. We round out the weekend with some falling meteors and it looks like falling safes for Monday. This is Mark Mardon with WMMH, reminding you that Apex City has the superhero it deserves.

steve mitchell said...

Yeah, well, I'm waiting to hear about the weather in DETROIT.

Redforce said...

Detroit's seasons would be something like:
Spring: Gypsy goes without shoes (at night, too)
Summer: Aquaman passes out from lack of water searching for lost combs
Fall: Vixen goes into heat (more often)
Winter: Dale Gunn stops trimming his beard