Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy....

in my comics this week:

  • "Why?" Sometimes, I understand the appeal of Hal Jordan.
  • The Queen of Fables a perfect foe for the mythological Wonder Woman, and is her "Mxyzptlk".
  • Freddie the archeologist.
  • Mia uses her lipstick.
  • The highly symbolic irony of why Clark doesn't hear his name.
  • The Joker's fingerprints.
  • Mark's little brother Oliver scares me. A lot.
  • The Guardians are every Board of Directors you've ever known.
  • Gorillas who appear familiar with Aristotle's Poetics.
  • Superman defeating a snotty foe by simply beating the snot of out them, showing that violence is sometimes the answer.
  • Wonder Woman defeating a snotty foe by simply beating the snot of out them, showing that violence is sometimes the answer.
  • "Dead is good".
  • Batman versus Catman.
  • Speedy and Dodger's charming romance.
  • "I didn't even know I was capable of having a migraine."
  • Watch the various Lanterns and their Corps mutually cause one another.
  • "Money will be paid for each drop of agony they suffer." Gail really does have a way with the villains, doesn't she?
  • Hey, look, kids; Wonder Woman in bondage!
  • Connor is both more and less than alright, it seems.
  • Remind me never to go to a restaurant with Mongul.
  • Wonder Woman's meta-commentary on the delay in her movie.
  • "He's just a puffed-up egotist with no impulse control."
  • Not to be rude, but if Holly Shancoe's that stupid, shouldn't she be dead already?
  • Ornament-things. It's your new favorite word.
  • "Rock on" is perhaps the most amusing battle-cry I've ever heard.
  • I think that scarred Guardian may actually be dead.
  • Honestly, every single page of Action Comics, an utter masterwork in characterization and using characters as symbols.


Chance said...

Hasn't it been established for a long time that the Joker has no fingerprints?

Jacob T. Levy said...

I don't approve of the trade symbolized by Clark not hearing his name. Did not make me happy. Though most of the pages up until then did.

Flipped through GL to see about "Why?," then bought it. Yep, it's a good scene, and true to what's best about the egotistical dimwit.

I think there's a chance we'll look back on the completed Trinity as being as good as or even a bit better than the completed 52.

Scipio said...

"I don't approve of the trade symbolized by Clark not hearing his name. "

Neither did I. That's exactly the point. It's a brilliant bit of writing. Clark doesn't hear his mother's distress because it's drowned out by the siren song of dead Krypton. That's the kind of bittersweet irony comics does so well...

Anonymous said...

"Beware the Smells!"
Come on. Walk into the Eagle and you think the same thing.

Scipio said...


Jacob T. Levy said...

Let me be more precise: I don't approve of the creative choice embodied in that moment. I think the immediate-term bittersweetness and irony comes at the cost of long-term damage to the character and his fictional world.

CandidGamera : said...

I concur with Jacob. I don't like the consequences of this week's issue of Action, even if I thought it was a well-written issue as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Gail certainly does have a way with the villains. Their dialogue is always so wonderfully bloody and melodramatic in the best tradition of comic book baddies.

And I don't trust that scarred Guardian one little bit. I think you might be right on the nail that she is deceased.

Anonymous said...

Villains United was the best thing leading in to Infinite Crisis. Secret Six was the best thing coming out of it. The new series is already my favorite DC title after just two issues.

No one ever seems to mention Boom Comics here, so let me say that both Cthulhu Tales and Fall of Cthulhu are good efforts. Plus The Necronomnicon has its own series now!

SallyP said...

So...MANY...things to be giddy about this week!

Oh Hal, you big dofus, you're so pretty, and occasionally you're even right.

The scarred Guardian is up to no good, one way or the other. In their usual fashion, the rest of the Guardians will remain blissfully unaware.

I liked the bit in Action Comics, where Martha finally has to scream Jonathan's name for Clark to hear. I don't mind Superman actually showing a human failing once in a while.

Batman eats burritos?

I sniggered all the way through Wonder Woman. AND Secret Six.

Bryan-Mitchell said...

I liked Action comics but I was disappointed by how easily Brainiac was beaten (assuming he was, of course) and couldn't help but wonder how long it would take for the sound to travel from Kansas to the Arctic. (And to prove I was a dork I estimated it at about 3 hours)

Anonymous said...

I've rationalized away Clark's super-senses, at least his hearing, as ridiculously low-level telepathy. You have to be speaking the thought for him to "hear" it, and as he can't delve any deeper into the mind than that then it can be passed off as hearing.

Patrick C said...

At least he wasn't in space when he heard, like with Jimmy's signal watch in Countdown.

Errr, I think there was some unspoken rule about not mentioning Countdown. Sorry for that folks.

Unknown said...

The first rule of Countdown is that you don't mention Countdown.