Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arkham revealed

Guess who got his Arkham Asylum Heroclix... before you?


I'll focus on things NOT yet known from the Wizkids site.

  • The Miss Martian figure and the White Martian generics have no Special Powers, but PLENTY of regular ones!
  • Per Degaton has Regen? Annd the Hypertime ability? Ooh, he's going to be annoying!
  • Oh, my. Anarky, with Defend, Batman TA, and Phasing/Carrying is going to be a big tactical help to Batfamily teams.
  • Robin is a thing of beauty, particularly with hits Tear Gas Grenade power.
  • I love you little Street Thug, with your Stealth and Batman Enemy Ability! I only got two of these guys, but I need more.
  • The sculpt alone makes Johnny Sorrow worthwhile.
  • Egg Fu is... well, I can't describe it, really. And for only 107? NASTY piece of work.
  • Hey, Scarface is great! Suprisingly, he's a great addition to the Batman Enemies: Stealth, Running Shot, Toughness, Perplex, RCE, and a special Incapacitate power!
  • The Batgirl sculpt is ridiculously beautiful. And perfectly paired with her dad as a 100 point team!
  • OH, yes; the Gotham Detective does JUST what he needs to, and is going to be a favorite on Batman teams; on any team really. PD Ability + Enhancement = PAIN!
  • Funny, except for the colors Yellow Lantern looks just like Hal to me.
  • The Renee Montoya Question is fun! A wonderful supporting piece.
  • Amanda Waller is going to be SUCH a pain in the keyster.
  • Superman Prime is ... wow. It's ... 318 points. It's got Indomitable It's got CCE/RCE combined. It's got a special power that reduces any damage to only 1. Penetrating Flurry? HHS? Psychic Blast? Superman Prime is coming. And he's going to destroy ever character you love.
  • The new Manhunters, with their special version of Steal Energy and limited version of Outwit, will be excellent in mass against Green Lanterns.
  • Yeah, that's JUST how the Human Bomb should work. And for only 45 points expect him to go kamikaze a lot!
  • Firefly's special Flamethrow power, like Robin's Gas Grenade power, shows how smart the WK designers are getting.
  • The Thinker; so simple, so elegant. Nicely done. And for only 55 points.
  • Can't push THIS version of the Ultrahumanite around! Mind control, Outwit, Psychic Blast, Flurry, Superstrength, Quake, Invulernability, Indomitability, Mastermind! Watch out, JSA.
  • Captain Gordon will be on EVERY Bat team now, and he'll be pushed immediately to get to his "Summon the Bat" power... And Gordon with Enhancement AND a limited Outwit? Zowie!
  • I didn't get a Black Manta, a Mad Hatter, a Despero, or a Joker, which is bad. But I hope to trade for those. I mean, what am I going to do with a Metron?
  • Fun feat cards! Such as
  • LUNGE: (req. CCE or L/C) Before it makes a close combat attack a figure can break away automatically and move up to 2 squares. Only 5 pts! Another favorite for the Bat family.
  • SCATTER: (req Defend, Leadership, or Supersenses) After the character is attacked up to three friendly adjacent characters can move up away at half speed. A great dose of realism!
  • SKULLDUGGERY: (req Exploit Weakness of Poison) When the character deals damage you can roll to also give the target an action token. Only 5 points of pure evil!
  • SUPPRESSIVE FIRE: (req Enhancement or RCE or Sharpshooter). It's wordy, but the idea is that your character has a chance to stop an opposing character from making a ranged attack on the next turn. For only 5 points, you'll see this on the Gotham Detective and Captain Gordon a lot. Maybe Penguin, too.


Anonymous said...

It's just not right that I have to wait till tomorrow to get my Arkham Asylum.

And the Spectre could crush Prime like a bug. . .if God would let him. But apparently all those billions of unavenged deaths over in Earth-15 don't matter to God, or the 52 dead Green Lanterns in New Earth, or the dead Titans. . . .

Yonatan said...

the one problem with the Waller click... she doesnt have double targeting...

Means I will still be playing my Amanda Waller Pog

PJ said...

I call shenanigans, Yonaton. you are so playing her and you know it. I'd love to see a spy-off between her and Dum Dum Dugan.

can't wait til thursday, folks.

Yonatan said...

oh i will be this Waller as well but the pog will not be going away.

and suppressive fire is sooo being added to my Star City Rollers team

Seth Johnson said...

You even got them before me--I have to go by the WizKids office tomorrow and see what I can scare up.

Glad you're enjoying the set! You'll have to let me (us) know if the Penguin managed to come close to your expectations.

Anonymous said...

Why yes, I see what you mean!