Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Well, there's quite a lot going on with the Scarredian of the Universe, isn't there?
  • Why Batman gets hit by a rocket launcher.
  • I shouldn't have laughed so hard at "he seems sooooo confused." But I did.
  • Okay; points for having the balls to call it "Bullets and Bracelets".
  • I'm not ashamed to admit I cried when Martha got a strange visitor from another planet.
  • "He must be an animal. Who'd a thought." I'da thought; those types often are.
  • I've heard of vomiting up blood but... all of it?
  • "I suppose." Super-modesty!
  • Suffering Sappho! The first page of Hercules is worth the price of admission. Van Lente, you are my hero.
  • The Ultra-Humanite's clone-brained gestalti-borgs.
  • Brainy's boxers.
  • Lycus? And pairing him with a dog? That's sheer mythological genius.
  • Kudos to James Robinson for not sweeping the Air Force One incident under the rug.
  • It's not often an odontomachus comes up, even in comics.
  • The Princess attempts to re-write the original Brainiac story.
  • Okay, I give up; what does C.P.T. stand for?
  • "I had an hour to spare one day, so I figured out how to miniature weather."
  • All cats deserve red rings.
  • Doze deles voando em volta do Cristo Redentor. Tourists; they also go for the landmarks.
  • "Was that a 'no' ?" Good lord, he's a snotty bastard.
  • The Brown Bomber. And he has the best magic words ever.
  • 200%? Really?
  • The president's joke. If only he were that cool.
  • I adore Tatters. You do, too.
  • Mento's still-ridiculous hat.
  • "Four? That seems excessive." Yes, it does, David Kim. But you are now and always will be my favorite one.
  • Thara Ak-Var, Superlesbian?
  • Soap company contest.
  • Superman: Red or Blue? That's the wittiest political comic book joke in a long time.
  • "But it annoys you, and that gives me some pleasure." Now THAT is man we came to love pre-Crisis!
  • Read Spider-Man. It's good, old-fashioned comic book fun.
  • Of course he knows Gaelic. Or at least that one phrase.
  • Now that is a Zeus cameo.
  • "How's his honey?" is not something I would have ever expected that character to say.
  • Two cats/power rings stories in one month?!
  • Okay, why was I completely not suprised when Metropolis got its strange visitor from another planet?


Anonymous said...

Which comic had the Cristo Redentor thing?

Captain Infinity said...

Picked up the first issue of the new new Hercules story arc on a whim and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Feels weird to be reading Marvel though.

Where did Mento show up this week?

Anonymous said...

Elsewhere, I've seen it said that CPT is "Colored People Time."

Chance said...

Your old buddy once of Seven Hells! mention this use of CPT a time or two, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I too am completely unsurpised that a kitty got that particular power ring. Felines are evil little bggers

Anonymous said...

Do you know that the Brown Bomber's appearance this week is the first appearance of a character created in 197?

I forget where I read about it, and Google isn't helping, but someone at DC had this idea for a new "relevant" character, probably one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas.

The gist was pretty much what McDuffie describes - a racist white man (who might have even been literally a Klansman!) gets super powers that also turn him into a black man temporarily. I think the idea was that he'd thus learn about tolerance or something, but... yeesh....

Marcos said...

The original character concept was called the Black Bomber, but when saner heads prevailed he was scrapped, and instead they published this silly little character Tony Isabella had dreamt up: Black Vulcan. Er, no, that's not it...

Anonymous said...

Ah, that explains why Google failed me. Look here:

Diabolu Frank said...

Superman Red State/Superman Blue State

Been there, did that...

Your Obedient Serpent said...

Great Krypton! I finally realized why the name "David Kim" sounded so familiar:

This is the first appearance of a Milestone character in mainstream DC continuity.

Well, sort of mainstream, anyway. The nature of the story suggests that there IS a "David Kim" out in the unchanged timeline.

I think Xombi was my favorite Milestone title; it had the surrealism of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol without trailing off into dead-end weird-for-the-sake-of-weird-story-what-story that Morrison soon settled into.

Scipio said...

Nice catch.

SallyP said...

For a relatively light week, there was a lot to like.

And NO, David, Four is NOT Too Many! Sheesh! Loved the infuriated cat however in Rage of the Red Lanterns. Made me look at my own cats in a whole new light. I also didn't think that I could love Hercules any more, but I do.

Jacob T. Levy said...

I *knew* David Kim had to be a significant name-drop, but couldn't figure out who he was, even though I loved Xombi way back when and know perfectly well that I should be looking for Milestone references from DMD right about now. Missed it!

Is it wrong that my thought on seeing Metropolis' strange visitor from another planet was, "well, that would be one quick way to solve earth's new Kryptonian overpopulation problem"?

I think that I'm not going to be sad to see the end of this incarnation of LSH. I kind of dislike every major character in it, and that hasn't been true of *any* prior Legion.

Otherwise, I was made happy by lots of the same things. Even bought Spider-Man for the first time since OMD, and agree with you about its virtues.

Diamondrock said...

I wasn't expecting that strange visitor to show up so early. But boy, it looks like maybe my wish will come true after all. What an early Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

Dex-Star the Red Lantern: the sensational character find of 2008!

Anonymous said...

CPT = }
Color Purple Time

Martin Gray said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Black/Brown Bombers, folks - I'd love to know who was behind that.

As for Diamondrock's wish that lots of Kandorians will be killed by that big baddie, I suspect he's there simply to be zapped to nothingess by many pairs of eyes. Unless they assume he's a protected species.

Anonymous said...

What? No secret Six?