Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things I Learned from the Shield

Always make a dramatic entrance.From above, if possible.

Avoid Crystal City.No matter how colorful they try to make it sound.

Always point your toes.You never know who might be watching.

Don't be afraid to ask friends for help.The Wizard invented Google.
The Shield invented Facebook.

Strength needs wit to back it up.And vice versa.

Accessorize.Particularly if you're going out the boys.

Everything is better with singing.And audiences love production numbers.


Guys' Guy said...

LOL...Everything is better with singing, audiences love production numbers... How true that is...I live my life by this one...and Jazz Hands :)

Wow my life has been influenced by the Shield more than I will ever know. thanks Shield! Now to work on my dramatic entrances...from above.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows it's an automatic 0.5 point reduction for not pointing your toes when you body breaks through the green sludge. The Eastern European judges are especially notorious sticklers for this.

Bryan-Mitchell said...

I love how they shout each other's name. The Wizard! The Shield!

Tony said...

The spy in the first panel has impressive range-of-motion in his neck.

SallyP said...

I have never SEEN anyone who points their toes so much...not even ballet dancers! But he DOES do everything with...ZEST!

Chance said...

After reading all these Shield entries, I really do wonder if the writers were trying to hint that he was gay.

Or was yesteryear's verve and wit merely today's flamboyancy and campiness?

Chance said...

no, that's going too far, anonymous.

D said...

Hey, I live in Crystal City... Jaleo is great! But there are far too few sapient crystalline intelligences that communicate via toned harmonics for this place, I agree.

Dwain said...

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