Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blue Devil Grabs Some Tail

Like a blue moon. Or an alignment of the planets. Or winning the lottery.

That's what this cover is like:

This upcoming Teen Titans cover is the rarest of the rare because it sitteth at the intersection of three of the Absorbascon's Creative Concepts:

PLUS, it stars Blue Devil, Hellboy's Gay Little Brother (TM). We love Blue Devil.

So, we leave in your writing hands this cover an overmuscled horny bald guy in a tight black tee attacking from behind and reaching out to grab the tail of a lithe half-naked long-haired boy, both with their eyes a-glow...
  • Some of you will supply Cover Word Balloons.
  • Some of you will grace us with slash pic.
  • Some of you will put haiku in the Devils' mouths.

But only the most amazing of you will manage to do all three at the same time...


Anonymous said...

"You think you're tail's strong?
Prepare it for the pitchfork
of... the BLUE DEVIL!"

(In true cover blurb fashion, "BLUE DEVIL" is written in logo.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sure, make me prove that I'm as amazing as I think I am. Sigh, here goes:

Word Balloons:

Kid Devil: I do my own thing, old man!

Slash Pic:

Out of all the things they did together, Blue Devil loved nothing more than to pretend that he was the Big Bad Blue Wolf, while his young lover giggled and pretended to be Lil' Red Riding Devil. After a good, long exhausting chase, they would fall down on the ground laughing and cuddle until the older man's cell phone would ring with a call from the talking chimp.


Two devils at play.
One's blue, the other is red.
They are having fun.

Scipio said...

"Lil' Red Riding Devil."

Heh. Heh heh.

I rented that movie once...

Anonymous said...

This is the word balloon Blue Devil utters. Ahem:

"An urge deep within,
Impossible to deny.
I must have you, Kid."

Word balloon, slash pic and haiku, all in one.

Thank you.

Scipio said...

Now THAT is amazing. And from a Marvel fan, no less!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I thought you meant all in one comment, not as a singular totality. I shall try again:

From the lips of Kid Devil:

"When you chase me, Blue,
all I can think of is the
moment you catch me."

Is that better?

Scipio said...


Ray said...

My haiku-
Look at those Devils
Advertising their love/hate:
Blue top, red bottom.

(Ray Cornwall, whyilovecomics.com)

Cole Moore Odell said...

A two-fer:

"Feel the demon seed,
Oh my estranged horned sidekick"
Where's Paris Cullins?

This is nothing to
how the artist's ass will feel
after Toth's critique

Anonymous said...

Do Photoshop entries count for this event?

Because if they are...

Bully said...

I am deeply ashamed of myself, not to mention my poor Photoshop skills.

But here ya go.

Des said...

Why the red skinned boy?
Blue Devil is a commie.
Note red patch on shirt.

Scipio said...


That's nothing short of brilliant.

Bully said...

Gawrsh. Thanks!

acespot said...

Bully's post is brilliant!