Friday, September 29, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in this week's comics.

  • Zatara's crush on Eddie; how cute!
  • Little Barda's bubble gum.
  • Miss Martian. I love everything about her. She's "Sailor Mars"!
  • Black Condor kicks @#$@$ !!!.
  • "Chief Justice", "Spin Doctor", "Propaganda", and "Embargo"? If they were Marvel, those names would be tragic; but they're DC, so they are hilarious. Great to see that the craziness of Battle for Bludhaven is thriving at Freedom Fighters, The Best Title You Aren't Reading.
  • A new Blockbuster; yay!
  • I love seeing the Spook again, even if only briefly.
  • Prof. Ivo versus the JLA; it's nice to know that mad scientists never go out of style and can still kick the JLA's butt.
  • Special thanks to Gail Simone, the Villain's Best Friend (tm), for realizing just how scary the Mad Hatter is, and letting him defeat the Doom Patrol single-hattedly.
  • Ditto for Matt Wagner, who in "Mad Monk" demonstrates in a single panel that he understand Two-Face better than the last 20 writers who used him.
  • Ralph's innovative use of gingold extract.


Anonymous said...

"Ralph's innovative use of gingold extract."

What ho! What is this? Could it be a compliment aimed towards the Great Dibney from the most notorious of anti-Dibney blasphemers? Egads! We think it is!

The Acolytes of Dibney are pleasantly shocked by this sudden turnaround, but we are all wary that it is merely a ruse meant to confuse us until your true nature once again shows itself in all of its heretical infamy.

At least we will always agree about the great glory of Ms. Simone's magical pen. Truly there were no greater delights to be found this week than, "No one said there would be robot decapitation," "Oh, that's it. Now it's on," and--our favourite--"Now that's good hat."


Zaratustra said...

I want to have Gail Simone's babies.

This flies on the face of at least three biological issues.

SallyP said...

I think that Gail Simone and Garth Ennis should get together. They are so delightfully twisted.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of this week's comics, any idea who the seventh Titan on the cover to 52 is? There are six Teen Titans in the book and seven on the cover. Some people are suggesting Luthor, but even though he is in the book, that seems like an odd place for him to be.


Anonymous said...

I was initially delighted at the Spook's appearance, as he starred in the first handful of Bat-books I ever read.

And then Mr. Morrison had to go and break my heart.

Here's hoping the Spook just pulled one of his infamous disappearing acts!

Peter said...

Could care less about this week's comics. What made me happy was hearing Brin Londo taking the Legion Oath on the new WB Legion of Superheroes toon, in the same tingly fanboy way it gave me chills to hear Kyle Rayner taking the GL Oath on Superman: Animated years back.

Nick said...

It's strange, of all the really, really evil things Lex Luthor has done, the internet seems to be angrier about his actions in this weeks 52 than any other event I can think of. People really hate Lex now.

Anonymous said...

Robotman FIELD GOAL!!!!