Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Importance of Word Balloons

Ordinarily, I'm not in favor of word ballons on comic book covers.

But sometimes...?

Sometimes they are
absolutely necessary.

I woke up my roommate because I laughed far too loudly.

I hope you're happy, because he's pissed.
I'm not sure I like the look on Superman's face.
Is this going to go on that comic book rape list being compiled by marionette and ragnell and kalinara?
I found a photoshopped version of this somwhere on the net. Superman's Bumming Action Comics. "Bite the pillow, kid--it's going in dry."

I still wake up screaming.
I never saw this one.
The actual word balloon (here blacked out), Ragnell, says,

"Superman -- my dying wish is to know your secret identity -- and you say you're Clark Kent! IT'S A LIE!"

A classic! I read this one when it first was published. It's a Bronze Age tale, but STEEPED in Silverage stinky...

Boy is dying. Wants only to be in on the Big Secret. Supes tells him the truth, but boy disbelieves (because, you know that Clark Kent disguise is IMPENETRABLE). Clark does "superstuff"; every time, boy has some cockamamie Silver Age "explanation" of how he's faking it.

FINALLY, after Clark has given up...

the boy looks in Clark's medicine cabinet and notices the absence of shaving equipment, even though Clark is clean-shaven. That proves to the boy that Clark is Superman, because Superman's beard doesn't grow when he's super.


THAT is the kind of comic book I grew up reading. THAT is why I think the comic books I read nowadays are so wonderful.
Yeah, that's not the kind of "action" I want to think about with a Superman comic.
It's like "tonight... a Very Special Episode of Action..."

You're right, though, BB; Superman should stick to kanoodling his 15 y.o. cousin.
"Boy is dying. Wants only to be in on the Big Secret. Supes tells him the truth..."

So that's where Roger Stern got the idea for "The Boy Who Read Spiderman"!
I'm not familiar with that story; perhaps it preceded the Superman one?
No, this story definitely preceded that maudlin & over-rated "Kid Who Collects Spider-Man" story. The Spidey story is from the '80s.

I actually thought the reason for the kid's disbelief was pretty clever: "Dude, Lois Lane has been trying to prove that you were Clark Kent for like 30 years, and every time you prove her wrong and she ends up looking like a schmuck. How stupid do you think I am?". And the scene where Clark takes the kid to the office, and none of them buy the disguise either, is comedy gold.
The boy in question is Jonathan Ross, right, son of Pete Ross (who knew the secret in that era)? Who went on to be kidnapped by aliens to use his mad video game skillz to help them beat other aliens and ultimately save the galaxy from invasion...?
Nope. The kid in the picture is a random, and dies.
Whatever the merits ofthe story, this is one of the wrong wrong wrongiest covers ever.
Ah, okay. Jon must have found out in the Purple Pile-Driver cover story, then. I think under fairly similar circumstances, actually.
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