Friday, September 15, 2006

Slash Pic: The Story of the Blue Devil

Someone asked me, "Could Slash Pic ever be done in an 'all-ages' way?"

"Yes," I said, with the blind confidence I learned from idolizing superheroes. "Yes, it could..."

Once upon a time, there was a lonely Catholic boy named Daniel who was confused about his "identity".

The Best Little Blueboy in the World

He didn't like kissing girls; he wore earrings, a shirt open to the navel, inappropriately snug hotpants, eyeshadow, and stylized facial hair; he didn't talk like the other boys; he had very different interests than they, like cinema and interior design.

Blue Devil tivoes every design show on cable and has an autographed photo of Christopher Lowell.
Over his bed.

This made him sad; he was afraid people would not like him. So he asked a doctor to try to make him "normal".

Is Doctor" Floats In The Air and Shops at Children of Eng" really the person to be asking about being "normal"?
Why, he doesn't even know the meaning of the word.

But the doctor was wise, and told Daniel he must learn to be himself and enjoy it.

Grab me and speak to me like a man, Doc!

So Daniel went to a place where he could meet other people like him.

"Enter freely." I just love it when people say that to me.
Much more than, "I don't take checks, only money orders."

There he was accepted as he was, even though he was horned, swishing his tail, and carrying a big rod full of power.

This came as a great relief to Daniel and, with the help of his rod of power and his newfound friends, he was able to work out the tension that had been building within him.

Daniel; it's 555-SCIP; call me!


Harvey Jerkwater said...

That story was indeed both "slash-pic" and "all-ages." Well done, sir. Very well done indeed. That had to be a challenge. Resisting the more salacious double-entendres could not have been easy.

And Blue Devil needs to be in more comics. Dang it. A fine character.

Anonymous said...

So, is this why he hasn't been returning Kid Devil's phone calls?


Anonymous said...

So, is this why he hasn't been returning Kid Devil's phone calls?

Well, when you've got a psycho stalker ex-boy toy, you do what you gotta.

Brandon Bragg said...

You should totally be writing Golden Books.