Monday, September 25, 2006

Justice League Clue Number 7

As time goes by, we've been helping our friend Brad Meltzer identify the important notes to hit in any run on Justice League, the unmistakeable clues one is in a JLA story. The clues we've established so far...?

To those we now add the eye-popping

Yes, when you're a regular person like you or me, your body parts all pretty much go wherever you do. But, Justice Leaguers, hey, there's less to them than just the sum of their parts.

JLAers body parts pretty much have lives all their own.

Who'd have thought a common (if well-dressed) thug could so easily disarm Batman?

Sometimes they just take off for parts unknown for days at a time.
Aquaman's water balls still haven't returned.

Sometimes a few are left behind to mind the fort. Or, you know, play charades.

"Good-bye, Barry waved, "remember me!" It's ... it's almost as if he

But it's just one of those JLA things; the Leaguers all get used to it.

Ollie, a windy day is an adverse condition;
I think armlessness merits a higher rating, like "horrible permanent maiming".

Being JLAers they not only rose to such occasions but even used them to their advantage.

And the winner for "Best Pick-Up Line Used On A Colleague" is...
Barry Allen.

While the Leaguers were busy doing their jobs, their errant limbs would sometimes get together socially.
Try not to picture it naked.

They get a bit wild on occasion, and after partying, they have trouble finding their way back home.

"Wait a minute" Hal said. "Who's... who's got my crotch? And my butt?
And where ARE Wonder Woman and Batman?!?!?"


Anonymous said...

"I think armlessness merits a higher rating..."

Thank heavens there was no liquid in my mouth!

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow knows that arms are the tool of the Bourgouisie to hold down the Proletariat. The only way for the workers to overcome is to throw down their arms and and raise there... there...

Okay, I didn't think far enough ahead.

Chance said...

And where ARE Wonder Woman and Batman?!?!

Having the hot, hot, HOT experimental trans-groin-swapping weasel sex they've always fantasized about.

Peter said...

Speaking of Brad Meltzer, I noticed his name at the top of the Publisher's Weekly list of hardcover bestsellers this week, for a novel called "Book Of Fate"...

It occurred to me to wonder if this was the first time ever that a writer was at the top of the bestseller chart for Fiction For Normals while writing the Justice League comic book...

Scipio said...

"The only way for the workers to overcome is to throw down their arms and and raise there... there...

Okay, I didn't think far enough ahead."

And ... vote with their feet, perhaps?

S Bates said...

I thought these were clues to the Silver Age Justice League, not just Justice League in general?

In which case, from which period was that second image (the water balls one) taken?

Scipio said...

JLA: Year One.

SallyP said...

Well who WOULDN'T want Hal's magnificent buttocks! It might be a little tricky trying to get Barry to give them up!

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, Hal's crotch & butt are off somewhere, doing nigh-unspeakable things with the infamous Yellow Lamp!


Zaratustra said...

My teeth hurt every time I see that Green Arrow panel.

Anonymous said...

And ... vote with their feet, perhaps?

Possibly, though they would need prehensile feet, like a monkey.

Of course, some of those voting booth levers are too large for the smaller primates to operate. So, it would have to be a big monkey...

(David looks around and wonders if he's stubled upon some sort of plot.)

joncormier said...

Wait, I bet Batman and Wonder Woman are listening to Shania Twayne - Man, I feel like a woman.