Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Dibny Shame

As previously mentioned, I think the Dibnys are/were are the Avatars of Sin on Earth.

He's a money-hungry camera-hound (basically, just a cleverer Booster Gold) and she's a spoiled debutante fifth-wheel desperate to hobnob with the super-set.

How bad is when you condescend to friggin' BATMAN AND ROBIN?!

Yeah, I'm sure they struggled along valiantly without you, Ralph, all the time silently praying,
"Oh, if only the World-Famous Elongated Man would show up to help us with his extensible body parts!"

It's so bad, even Sue can't hide her disgust...

Stop clutching, Ralph; Sue's wearing the pearls tonight...


Anonymous said...

The Acolytes of Dibney lament your return to your blasphemous ways. We had thought that you had finally found enlightment and thus put a halt to your horrible libels against the most glorious of couples, but it is plain to see that you were merely biding your time for another attack.

And, once again, it falls to the A of D to explain to you the folly of your claims and supply you with the truth found within these brief capsules of time.

First, of course the Great Dibney feels comfortable speaking to Batman and his youthful sidekick in a condescending manner--he IS the Great Dibney after all! Can Batman stretch? Is Robin the foremost authority on locked door mysteries? Do either of them have a hot wealthy wife waiting for them at home? The answers to these questions is no, so therefore Batman and Robin are clearly inferior to our saviour and thus worthy of his condescension.

And that is not disgust you see exhibited by our Beloved Sue (Blessed Be Her Name, The Helmet Will Somehow Bring Her Back!) but true admiration expressed in the manner of all true Acolytes of Dibney.

"Ohhhh, Brotherrrr," she testifies to her divine husband in a state of holy ecstasy, and--wanting to describe his greatness with the most appropriate of analogies--she choses to liken him to the sweetest and most nourishing of all life-sustaining meats, "What a ham!" she praises him.

What a ham, indeed.

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