Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Clump of Collectives

A bray of Marvel fans.
A bunker of DC fans.
A sneer of Indies.
A blot of inkers.
A cloud of letterers.
A hatch of pencillers.
A run of writers.
A blotter of Gothamites.
A gasp of Metropolitans.
A skulk of vigilantes.
A triumph of superheroes.
A curse of supervillains.
A school of sidekicks.
A scatter of henchmen.
A splatter of bystanders.
A rack of retailers.
A slaver of fanboys.
A trumpet of podcasters.
A snark of bloggers.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

A heapin' helpin' of Big Monkey Comics!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that image available as a poster, without the cover logo and stuff?

SallyP said...

These are great. For some reason, I REALLY like "A blot of Inkers". I don't know why, but I do. Oh, and a "Splatter of Bystanders."

VERY descriptive.

Anonymous said...

A crisis of DC crossovers
A war of Marvel crossovers
A parliament of Vertigo writers
A bankruptcy of indy comics publishers
An asylum of Batman villains
A retcon of Flash villains
A pretense of substitute Aquamen
A Schumacher of bad comic book movies
A reboot of Legionnaires
A redundancy of trade paperback collections

Anonymous said...

A Kanigher of plots...
A rack of Turner covers...
A Peroxide of DC heroines...*

*Babs, Wondy, Zatanna excepted

Anonymous said...

And, obviously:

A Refridgerator of Slain-Woman storylines.

Anonymous said...

Dinahs Sr. and Jr. are clearly a flock of Canaries, whereas Ollie and Connor make a quiverful of Green Arrows.

(Okay, so one of the stupider things I do to pass time in class is trying to find possible irregular plurals for superheroes. Speedies! Wonder Women! Kids Flash! Matrices!)

Anonymous said...

really like this one for 2 reasons, one, that having had to justify my self for using the term Superman's as a plural (at a clix tourney, Superman, Superman blue and Clark Kent, referred to as Superman's not supermen, which has a quite different meaning) a reasonable collective term that would have stopped us arguing through 3 hours of Starro goodness would have helped).
Also, as an admin for an artist's collective, who had to meet with other collective administrators yesterday, I found 'clump of collectives' to be really useful in my daily toil, thank you Scipio, for helping my career.
On top of that the baby woke me at 4 today, so rambling at you has been amusing diversion from the tiny one induced insomnia.

acespot said...

I've been looking at this cover for a few minutes, and I STILL can't figure out who Aquaman is supposed to be fighting.

My theory is that he realized the best way to get out of having to fight was to pretend that he'd been knocked out by an Avenger, hoping that they'd leave him alone.

acespot said...

Unless, of course, it's She-Hulk. But how does THAT matchup even make sense? And it's raining, so why is Orin even getting knocked out>

Anonymous said...

That's She-Hulk all right.

The one I don't get is Red Tornado versus Captain Marvel (or is it Pulsar these days). Localized weather pattern hits a beam of light, and there's an explosion?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad that, in at least a couple of examples, they didn't go for the obvious pairings. They didn't do Aquaman vs. Sub-Mariner, or Red Tornado vs. Vision. All the other matchups were predictable, but at least with those they tried something different.

Had I been at the editorial helm, all the pairings would have been completely off the wall. Hawkman vs. Hawkeye. Aquaman vs. Iron Man. Black Canary vs. Captain America. Flash vs. Wonder Man. More interesting that way, I think.

Anonymous said...

Count me as member of the following:

A haiku of grateful absorbascon fans.

Chance said...

A rave of Dorians.
A swamp of Mike Sterlings.
A sneer of Kevin Churches.
A roundhouse of Chrisses.
An academy of Scipios.

Anonymous said...

RE Chance's list above: don't forget "A corral of Bullies."

Anonymous said...

An angst of X-Men.
A diva of Dazzlers.
A headspin of Vibes.
A bulk of Hulks.
A knot of Plastic Men.
A psychward of Jean Lorings.

-Mike Loughlin

Scipio said...

"A haiku of grateful absorbascon fans.'

LOL, thanks!

But haiku are notoriously small...!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but it's the quality, not the quantity, that counts. :-)

Luke said...

>>A bunker of DC fans.

I really like this one. If you click through to my blog, the reasoning should become apparent. :)