Friday, December 30, 2022

Green Arrow is ... Batman?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!

My family bred Dachshunds. Land sharks. Hate-snakes.  Alley-gators.  Teeth-tubes.  

It's not for the weak.

Anyway, my mother had many sayings about this.

"Tired dogs are good dogs.  And the only good Dachshund is a tired Dachshund."

"Never worry that your dog doesn't love you. Worry that it doesn't respect you. Unless it's a Dachshund, then you know it doesn't."

"At the end of the day, you can recover from anything your dog did. Unless it's a Dachshund and you don't make it until the end of the day."

"There are two kinds of dogs in the world: those that look where you're pointing and those that just smell your finger."

It's that last one that I have found most applicable to humans as well.  And I thought of it again today when I read this by Screen Rant (cousin site to Comic Book Rant):

"DC Finally Admits Want Every Arrowverse Fan Already Knows".

Specifically? "he wants to be like the Dark Knight."

Well, I'm glad I was sitting down for that newsflash of insight. I read that comic book panel and got this.  Screenrant read it and got "hey, Green Arrow wants to be Batman."

Thank god they never watched "Brave and the Bold", I think their heads would have exploded.  

I've often made fun of Green Arrow for not being a detective.  Well, compared to Screen Rant...

Green Arrow is Batman.

P.S. The Arrowcave first appeared in 1952 (World's Finest #59).

Because "Arrow-Finished-Basement" just doesn't sound cool.

Ollie didn't really commit to the bit until 1960, when he appears to have had contractors install an ACTUAL cave.

World's Finest #112, 1960


Jonathan Hendry said...

It started out as the Arrow-Conversation Pit

Anonymous said...

The one good thing about that comic where Superman turned evil (I think "Injustice") is, Green Arrow and Harley Quinn had an funny and even sweet rapport. Green Arrow's trying to save her against her will, and she's annoying him with questions. When he reveals she's in the "Arrow Cave", she's got questions about thematic consistency. She suggests to him that, if he's an archer, then his headquarters ought to be a Quiver. And Ollie says "that ... makes sense".

About the question of the Batcave and how Bruce hired contractors, I say, the Batcave was originally just a dinky literal hole in the ground, but Superman and the Flash set it up for him (Superman to do the brute force work, the Flash to install tech). I have absolutely no idea who would commit to similar levels of work for Green Arrow. I also say that the Flash sometimes comes over to solder together batarangs for Bruce while they socialize, but again, I have no idea who Ollie has to do tech work for him.

Maybe Hal? Just imagine Hal trying to make a plastic cat arrow. Just imagine what it would look like.

- HJF1

cybrid said...

I'm not sure Batman or Green Arrow knew Superman, the Flash, and other future fellow JLAers before there was in fact a JLA, although I can prove neither one nor the other.

Really, though, a wise construction company doesn't metaphorically ask awkward questions, just as long as the check clears. For all I know, Bruce Wayne OWNS a construction company and you DEFINITELY don't ask the BOSS about stuff that, frankly, isn't really any of your business. Bonuses can seal lips quite nicely. :-)

The Untold Legend of the Batman miniseries revealed who designed the Batmobile, anyway, but obviously that was many, many reboots ago.

Scipio said...

"Arrow-Conversation Pit"

Best laugh I've had all day.

Anonymous said...

“ Maybe Hal? Just imagine Hal trying to make a plastic cat arrow. Just imagine what it would look like.”

It would look like a boxing glove.

- Mike Loughlin

Bryan L said...

If indeed Ollie spent time in the 40s, and amassed a fortune which he passed down to himself, the Arrowcave is a lot easier to explain. He simply had the majority of the excavation/construction work done in the 40s, when there was no Internet and news was limited to reporters and newspapers. People would have happily accepted a paycheck from the kook over at the mansion who was building an elaborate bomb shelter. It would have been largely forgotten over the years.

There's an old bomb shelter near me that was built in the 60s by several wealthy families when nuclear war seemed imminent. It's very large and is a big interconnected system of rooms with living quarters and common areas. It's been abandoned and forgotten. People still know about it and you can find it on the Internet but the precise whereabouts have largely been forgotten, and the current owners don't want people nosing around. It's called the Catacombs. If that can get largely lost to time, even a huge project from the 40s could.

cybrid said...

Hm, one might reasonably presume that, following Barry Allen's debut in Showcase #4 (October 1956), all super-hero stories following that point would have occurred on what was initially known as Earth-One, so Green Arrow didn't get a LITERAL cave until months (years?) after Allen's debut, so it was a silver age accoutrement. That's less than meaningless now, I suppose, but it occurred to me. ;-)

Off-topic, I wonder if, once Batman was removed from the golden age, the stories of pre-1956 Gotham City villains who weren't revived for the new era "remained stuck in the past" (with the golden age villains of the JSA and so on) and such villains were instead fought by Alan Scott, not Batman. Which then begs the question of who fought the pre-1956 Superman villains and the pre-1956 Aquaman villains (I think Hippolyta has been retconned to have been the golden age (i.e. pre-1956) Wonder Woman). Hm.

"T.V. Barnum" said...

There's actually a reference in the lastest issue of "Stargirl and The Lost Chldren" where Ollie's half-sister (Red Arrow) takes Stargirl down to the Arrowcave (yes, it's back in continuity)

Stargirl says..."Gee, your Brother really wants to be Batman!" :)