Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Newsflash: CBR Wrong Again


Oh, those poor idiot writers of 1965!  Let's look back and smugly congratulate ourselves on correcting the errors...

...that they didn't make at all.

Which CBR (Comic Book Rant) doesn't know because...they didn't already know or bother to read the Key's original story. 

Note to Comic Book Rant: the Internet is not a test. It is not school. You are not required to give answers to questions you don't know or to talk about things you don't understand.  So, please stop doing so.

P.S. If the Internet WERE a test, it would be VERY easy to cheat, because all the answers are there, if you aren't too lazy or sloppy to look them up first, Amer Sawan. If you'd done your research, you'd have learned that


the "unlocked the unused potential of his brain" was an addition to the Key's powers made by...

Grant Morrison in 1997 when he modernized the Key as a foe during his JLA run, over thirty years after the character was introduced.


Anonymous said...

I’m gonna give them a pass on this. Because who gives a shit what Grant Morrison did.

Scipio said...

Oh, I'm not standing up for Grant Morrison.
The point is: the whole point of the article is "its about time the changed the Key's origin because it's rooted in false science from 1965."

But that's completely wrong. Because they are ignorant of comic book history AND unwilling to look it up BUT still profess to write authoritatively about it for the masses.

Anonymous said...

It really grinds my gears that people have so little respect for the truth these days. I get that people want to sound like authorities, but as you point out, the Internet makes it easy to actually BE an authority. And even that is too much work for people, so they instead opt to SOUND like authorities.

In my head, I debate with Rod Serling, because he felt the root problem with society is prejudice, and I see his point but I wonder if the real problem is indifference to the truth. The two of them sort of swirl around the drain together, like prejudice is an emotive force behind the indifference. But then that indifference can manifest itself in other departments where prejudice isn't a factor.

Anyway, I'm with you: even in a field of endeavor no more important than comics, if you can't put truth first, what good are you?

- HJF1

Scipio said...

"even in a field of endeavor no more important than comics, if you can't put truth first, what good are you?"

Exactly. Oh, It's easy to make of Geeks Like Me: "ha ha, look at Comic Book Guy, caring about silly details that don't matter."

But it's the attitude toward the truth and accuracy in reporting that matters, not the subject of the reporting. And it's eroded by allowing just this sort of slipshod "journalism", driven by the perceived need to put out constant "content", and farmed out to a stringer who literally wasn't even born when Grant Morrison wrote his "Key" story, without a single editor to notice.

There's not a shortage of people who know about comics (or any subject) or a shortage of people who know how to look things up on the internet. There's a shortage of people who care enough to do so.

cybrid said...

And even Morrison was just retreading Wolfman & Perez's Deathstroke the Terminator. :-|

Scipio said...

OH NO, REALLY? Is that where he got that from? smh.

Scipio said...

TO BE FAIR TO MORRISON, Morrison never said anything about "90% of the brain's power goes unharnessed". All he had The Key say was "unlock the brain's full potential". CBR didn't even get that part right.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, I don’t remember Morrison saying anything about the 90% myth, but don’t have easy access to the comics to check so I didn’t think it was worth it.

But your main point stands! I only visit CBR for Brian Cronin’s columns because of the extremely poor quality of everything else on the site.

- Mike Loughlin

Anonymous said...

So when are they going to fix that error on Deathstroke the Terminator? If I recall correctly, that was the explanation for his enhanced abilities given when he debuted in New Teen Titans, but I honestly can't be bothered to check.

-- Jack of Spades

cybrid said...

"OH NO, REALLY? Is that where he got that from? smh."

Presuming you're not being sarcastic, I don't actually KNOW that Grant Morrison based the Key's origin on Deathstroke's, I just found the similarity noticeable, that's all. If you're being sarcastic, well, that doesn't really change anything. :-)

Something that mildly bemuses is that while Deathstroke is an assassin, a multiple murderer, a terrorist (if you work for terrorists, you're a terrorist), an arsonist (if you blow up buildings, you're an arsonist (I think)), and probably guilty of other types of crime, it's the fact that he [apparently] slept with a teenager who was (checking Wikipedia) one year younger than New York's age of consent that gets many readers bent out of shape about him. I mean, YES, obviously, that's bad, that's a crime, I'm not making excuses for that, but let's keep things in PERSPECTIVE. :-|

Anonymous said...

Blame Wolfman for trying to push the "nobility" aspect of Deathstroke to the forefront despite all the shit he's done since his first page appearance.