Monday, December 05, 2022

Welcome to West World


Iris West?

With the keys to the JLA Armory?

Does anyone know where I can send flowers to the Dark Army's family?


cybrid said...

Dark CRISIS, Infinite CRISIS, Final CRISIS, Identity CRISIS, at this point, has anyone considered buying DC a thesaurus? :-|


(repeating an earlier post)

BTW, Scipio, I recently came across an image from World's Finest #172 (1967) that I'm reasonably sure you'll find interesting. :-)

Scipio said...

The repeated use of "crisis" is an homage to the 23 JLA/JSA (et al.) annual crossovers.
What we now common refer to as "(The) Crisis" (Crisis on Infinite Earths) wasn't the first Crisis;
it was supposed to be the LAST one.

1963 (JLA #s 21-22) Crisis on Earth-One/Two
1964 (JLA #s 29-30) Crisis on Earth-Three
1965 (JLA #s 37-38) Crisis on Earth-A
1966 (JLA #s 46-47) Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two
1967 (JLA #s 55-56) The Super-Crisis That Struck Earth-Two
1968 (JLA #s 64-65)
1969 (JLA #s 73-74)
1970 (JLA #s 82-83)
1971 (JLA #s 91-92)
1972 (JLA #s 100, 101, 102)
1973 (JLA #s 107-108) Crisis on Earth-X
1974 (JLA # 113)
1975 (JLA #s 123-124)
1976 (JLA #s 135, 136, 137) Crisis on Earth-S
1977 (JLA #s 147-148) Crisis in the 30th Century
1978 (JLA #s 159-160) Crisis from Yesterday/Tomorrow
1979 (JLA #s 171-172) Crisis Above Earth-One
1980 (JLA #s 183, 184, 185) Crisis on New Genesis
1981 (JLA #s 195, 196, 197) Crisis in Limbo
1982 (JLA #s 207, 208, 209) Crisis on Earth-Prime
1983 (JLA #s 219, 220) Crisis in the Thunderbolt Dimension!
1984 (JLA #s 231, 232) Family Crisis
1985 (JLA # 244) Last Crisis On Earth-Two

And, yes, that's a great panel. Because who ELSE would do that?

cybrid said...

And here's a panel from Justice League of America #148 (1977) to add to the figurative list of Hal Jordan's greatest hits (pun definitely intended). I think it takes the concept a little further than most. :-)

Bryan L said...

Iris learned the code from Barry? Much is left unsaid. Did:

1. Barry share the code with Iris just in case she may need it?
2. Iris browbeat and terrorize Barry into divulging the code?
3. Iris snoop among Barry's notes/personal effects to find the code?
4. Iris guess the code on her own because Barry uses her birthday?

What say you, Absorbaconites? Is that a word? I decree it a word.

Anonymous said...

BROK - the sound of Hal Jordan hitting himself in the head. Not even an exclamation point because there's no element of surprise to it.

- HJF1