Sunday, December 25, 2022

A Christmas Wedding for a Pagan Bride

 My Sims versions of Diana Prince and Steve Trevor decided to (finally) get married over the holiday.

How romantic!


At least, in theory.

"THIS is why we don't get invited to more weddings, OLLIE!"

Most guests other than Ollie had the decency to stay in their seats and observe the ceremony.

Well. Stay in their seats, at least.  
Sector 2614's pretty exhausting, you know.

Diana didn't entirely understand some of our wedding traditions, but she tried, bless her heart.

"HAH! Throw as hard as you will, such tiny grains will not stop an Amazon from completing her physical regimen!"

Likewise, Steve had some trouble with some Themysciran traditions.

"HOLA! You think to survive our wedding night with just THOSE fighting techniques and a Y chromosome, man-warrior?!"

Etta Candy seemed to have misinterpreted "festive attire" on the invitation.

"OH! ETTA! You're ... your hairdo is lovely."

Steve found out at the reception what happens when you ask Mr. Terrific "What's your degree in?"

Diana had some wistful memories that would have been better left at her bachelorette party.

I guess some women appreciate a stiff upper lip.

As you would expect, the League Boys hung out together.

"Clark, I swear, if he tells ONE MORE 'Flash Fact' story..."
"Bruce, our Code applies to our friends as well as our enemies."
"...You left the radio on back in your hotel room and are listening to the game, aren't you?"
"You really ARE a detective. Shhh; Martin Baxter's at bat..."

“I too am aware of baseball,  HalJordan and fellow Leaguers! I once employed some of my lesser used powers to alter the outcome of a Flamingos game!”
"Great Guardians, when did YOU arrive, J’onn?
“He’s been invisible.”
“He’s been there the whole time.” 
“Gee, thanks for telling us, Super-Peepers and World’s Greatest Detective.”
“Well, actually, Hal, if you just observed the indentation in the seat cushion—“
“Shut up, Barry.”
“I’m REALLY glad Dinah and I got to come to THIS wedding!"

Because most of the guest's were Diana's, Dinah got stuck at The Groom's Table, which did not entirely thrill her.


Arthur didn't sit with the JL Boys, because as the Officiant he was busy trying to keep Wild Dog and Black Canary from breaking out into their Next Violent Argument.

"Well, René, as long as we're talking about women in the military at THE WEDDING OF THE GREATEST WARRIOR YOU KNOW, let ME give you MY thoughts..."

Lois got stuck at The Bride's Table with the Bride's Gay Brother but was clearly more interested in WWIII about to break about over at The Groom's Table.

Eventually, Arthur extracted RenĂª for sake of his safety, since the last person you want yelling at a wedding or anywhere else is Black Canary.

"Thassit, Lo-lo; I have HAD it with that woman!  She's the reason nobody invites Oliver to weddings."

"Thank you for the vacuum cleaner, Jason; I'm sure Steve will get a lot of use out of it!"

Diana's commitment to truthfulness was put to an awful test.

I only wish Ching had been there to see.
So to speak.

Bruce received some interesting news while he was there.


But the third-happiest person after the Bride and Groom was J'onn, who got to take home all the leftover Super Chocolate Tummers Bomb Cupcakes.


Photo courtesy of Barry Allen.


Anonymous said...

I still don't understand these. This one makes me happy though.

I'm always down for a "MARS NEEDS CHOCOS!" reminder. That was from like 20 years ago and was referencing a movie that was already 40 years old at that point ("Mars Needs Women"), I don't know how many younglings even get the reference today.

Scipio said...

Knowing the game helps, I'm sure. But the essence is: the game (especially with mods) gives you enough tools to replicate the personalities of Your Favorite Heroes (as you perceive them) so that the interactions and behaviors that result when you turn them loose can be awfully amusing.

Anonymous said... is it that you've made better storylines than what DC and Marvel have been doing for the past 30-40 years?

Kame said...

2814. Sorry to be pedantic but it's Sector 2814.
Thanks for all the work, I just discovered your blog and I'm having a party with it :)

Scipio said...

I appreciate the correction.
It's my fault; I drank too much kava at the wedding.