Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Haikuesday: Speed-In-The-Can

Well, now I know what I want for Saturnalia!

A Speed-In-The-Can! 

I wonder what TUNE it plays...?

He goes stealthily 

down a back alley carry-

ing the leather bag.

It's not a GOOD haiku, mind you.  But Speed doesn't really have time for those anyway, because he can accomplish quite a lot during the time it takes to say 17 syllables.  When he's not hiding in a garbage can, I mean.


Anonymous said...

I laugh every time I look at that panel. It's like Speed is a goblin that can manifest in any dark enclosure to watch you. I mean, it WOULD explain a lot.

Ye gods, imagine if Grant Morrison got ahold of Speed Saunders. Imagine if Roy Thomas did.

- HJF1

Scipio said...

" Imagine if Roy Thomas did."
I'd REALLY rather not.

Speed is not nearly flashy enough to attract RT's attention, in any case.

Scipio said...

"It's like Speed is a goblin that can manifest in any dark enclosure to watch you."

I think it's related to the 'travel via silhouette" power.

cybrid said...

Nothing in particular to say about this entry so, just to have SOMETHING to say, I checked Speed's appearances on the GCD and found that, per the limited information provided (many of Speed's GCD entries don't list the villain du histoire at all), he fought exactly one superhumanish enemy, an unidentified talking ape (who was evidently in the employ of a guy named Roskoffin), in Detective Comics #6 (1937).

Some correspondents might think that was a silly thing to investigate but it's not UTTERLY unheard of for non-powered golden age adventurers to encounter super-types.

Anonymous said...

Do I understand there's sort of a thing here, about making fun of the Green Lantern? Because this amused me:


- HJF1

Scipio said...

No home is complete without one.

Bryan L said...

Who lurks in the can?
Is it Oscar the Muppet?
No, it's only Speed.

A tesseract must be involved somehow. Speed seems to be at least 6 feet tall. Only some sort of dimensional warp would allow him to fit into a garbage can.

cybrid said...

Whatever else you can say about Roy Thomas, DC was doing comparatively little with its minor golden age characters before he came along. If not for Roy Thomas, would the Star-Spangled Kid ever have become a "significant" enough character for there to be a TV show about his successor? I kind of doubt it, but that's just me. :-)