Tuesday, December 06, 2022

"Batman's Robot Plot Twin"

You know why I'm not bothering to read Chip Zdarsky's apparently interminable "Failsafe" storyline in Batman? (you know, another story where Batman's Paranoid Contingency Plans Get Out of Hand, Subtype AI-Driven)

Because I read it the first time.

Stupid robots. Can't even do Heroic Haiku right.


Bryan L said...

Batman's robot twin
Runs amok in Gotham town
Pull the plug, Robin!

I really want an action figure of the Batman robot on that cover.

Anonymous said...

Oscar strikes again! God, I love that robot, and yes that means I want to kiss him and make babies with him.

- HJF1

Anonymous said...

It took Bill and Ted
One try to beat Robot Thems.
What’s your excuse, Bats?

- Mike Loughlin