Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Understanding Doll Man., 1.

Doll Man lives somewhere in the middle of an unknown city, with idiosyncratic perspective.

And bean people.  And orange grass.  And yellow skies.

A city where toy aeroplanes are the size of children.

Much bigger than the one that hit Hal Jordan's head.

Doll Man supports creativity in the youth.

As well as briefness in conversation.

Doll Man lives somewhere in the middle of an apartment with idiosyncratic perspective.

And avant garde decorating theory.

Doll Man's hat has a life of its own and defies physics.

Eat your heart out, Phantom Stranger.

Doll Man arranges his books by color, not subject or author.

All must be tidy in Doll Man's world, including word balloons.

Doll Man's city has ultra-specific boutique businesses.

And an exceedingly vibrant diamond exchange.

Doll Man's visitors can wilt your bouquets with harrowing exposition.

How often does "so often" mean in this context?

Doll Man's city conserves electricity.

And discourages Kryptonian tourists.

Doll Man contains within him multitudes.

All of them prepared to stay the night.

Doll Man puts out the light shortly.

Because that's how he does everything.


cybrid said...

Maybe it's actually called "The City." You know, like in "The Tick." :-)

John C said...

Quality has always struck me as such a bizarre company. Sometimes, you come across books where they look like the only company that has its act together. Occasionally, there are hints of the future of comics, like crossovers or the Ray's sleek design. Other times, you get content like Doll Man, so shoddy that it's hard to believe that the company survived to be bought out by DC, who quickly forgot about everything but Blackhawk. Also, everybody knows their Senator, in this universe, either as a close friend or a mortal enemy. And there was that time when criminals formed their own state where they could legally do crime.

Anyway, I do like how Mr. Hôtelier's pitch is "an arbitrarily large number of diamond merchants die under suspicious circumstances while in my care, and the police won't even listen to how much it inconveniences me." The dolt is lucky they didn't arrest him for the murders.

Scipio said...

All I have to say about him is that if he faces ruin, it's ruin I pity.

Nathan Hall said...

And if there's any ruined face, it's that "the trouble lies in one room" guy. He looks like the Elephant Man's long-lost twin!