Thursday, April 01, 2021

More Fun with Chemistry

Yesterday, Green Arrow & Co. used their absurd (and absurdly dangerous) car-o-pult to launch themselves through a glass window on the top floor at Professor Angel's hospital, whereupon they were IMMEDIATELY clobbered by his gargoyles (who knew that Green Arrow wouldn't be able to resist crashing head-first through the window).

Hal Jordan, eat your heart out.

One man's "cowardly blow" is another man's "obvious counter-tactic". I haven't enjoyed an Ollie-foiling this much since Bullseye just threw rocks at him.  

Fortunately, it IS a hospital, so they can get treated right away.


Professor Angel forces his plastic surgeon, Dr Rankin (whose family is being held hostage), to kill off GA and Speedy. Prof. Angel, as we have noticed from previous scenes, always uses intermediaries and never gets his own hands dirty.

"You MUST, Dr. Rankin!  It's the only way Black Canary can live a full and happy life!"

Seems a waste of the opportunity to just put them BACK in the Arrowcar's catapult and hurl them to a splatifying doom, which would be a much more fitting end.  And everyone would just shake their heads and say, "Well, we all knew it would happen eventually!"

But Professor Angel is not a supervillain and doesn't go for death-traps.  Dr. Rankin hesitates but

"Ca- can't I livestream this?  It would go SO VIRAL!"

does the deed with shaking hands. Can you blame him? I'd be excited, too.  

Oh, and, to answer your question...

...YES, that makes for a great desktop background.  Staring at it, I can almost hear Ollie's final thought::

"This... gives me... ... an IDEA!"

Hey, Aqua-lung; 

Ollie's feeling like a dead duck and splitting out pieces of his broken luck.


Green Arrow no more! Thus died Green Arrow and Speedy, now forgotten by time, never to have Underoos or Heroclix figures or even a CW series. But tomorrow we will move on with our lives....!


Bryan L said...

Hadn't thought about it before, but you're right. Splatifying the Arrows would be a perfect murder. Nobody would even bother to investigate, beyond perhaps giving them a posthumous Darwin Award.

Anonymous said...

Oliver Queen as Aqualung:

John C said...

"No more to wage ruthless war against crime and injustice?"

Is that what they're doing? Because the story so far has been Ollie looking to score tires and doing the standard rich-person thing of (literally) demonizing union labor. He also interrupted what everybody in the city believes was a publicity stunt and hurled himself through some rando's apartment window. Other than littering (the mirror from the Very Big and Very Tall shop), is (sorry, was) he even aware of an actual crime? Or was he just going to subject them to some libertarian rant about how he's entitled to those tires and unions just make them mediocre workers?

I mean, the only way this is "ruthless" is that neither of them are named Ruth.

Also, it'd be hilarious if all the times Rankin moves his little cart means that he got confused and flubbed his telegraphed-in-panel betrayal. (And I know it's a different story, but that blue-shirt panel...check out the glare Speedy is giving him as he checks the weight of the aqua-lung arrow. He knows the catapult will work better with two hundred pounds less dead weight sitting on it.)

Anonymous said...

DJ Rankin all scratching with Green Arrow's and Speedy's faces

Anonymous said...

"check out the glare Speedy is giving him as he checks the weight of the aqua-lung arrow."

He's definitely worried that Ollie's suffered a debilitating concussion.

"Now we'll use the arrow!

Aqua-lung fit the tip on your face, like this, so we can breathe while we swim!"