Sunday, April 25, 2021

Heroclix Sunday: Ferris Aircraft

Welcome to Heroclix Sunday. In the forthcoming Heroclix set, there's a sweet new Hal Jordan figure.

Sorry, Sally P; no rear view available.

The black boxes surrounding some of those numbers indicate that Hal has the power "Outwit" (and that Wizkids has one hell of a sense of humor).

In case you were wondering, his construct is a baseball glove.
Because of course it is.

How does a guy who thinks up a baseball glove for protection get "Outwit"?!

So, today's map is for this new figure of everyone's favorite test pilot / toy salesman / insurance adjustor / truck driver / punching bag / boy toy, Hal Jordan.

Q: Why does Hal Jordan have no pupils?
A: Because he's got no class!

While there are generic Heroclix maps that feel appropriate for almost any hero to fight on (say, a public park), it's also nice to have bespoke ones that fit particular characters. Flash already has two such maps shown here, the CCPD map and Central City sidewalk.

As you may remember, Hal Jordan used to work for and date Carol Ferris, heir to Ferris Aircraft.  Neither worked out very well.

Can't imagine why.

Wizkids (makers of Heroclix) actually made a map of Ferris Aircraft once, but I didn't like it very much, so I have made my own.

There's a touch of outdoor blocking terrain on the edges of the map, where buildings (two hangars and two offices) intrude upon the space. There's also some elevated terrain for flyers like Hal to fly around.

Fly AROUND, Hal. Not AT.

And there are some vehicles, including planes, to serve as hindering terrain.

They hinder some people more than others.

In fact I even got some appropriate Hot Wings models to put ON those locations on the map for some 3D goodness.

Looks like Hal taxied those in.

How will YOU celebrate Hal Jordan's figure in the new set, or the new set generally?


John C said...

I can't say that I'm fond of the metallic costume, but I guess it's better than the "everything is glowing, so it's all a washed-out lime green" or any pseudo-armored versions.

Do you think that Carl Ferris (Carol's father, who probably only appeared a few times) ever considered putting a roof over the airstrips, just to see how long it'd be before Hal questioned why he was smacking into rafters?

Poor Carol, though. Of the assorted Silver Age DC "nagging girlfriends who just don't get it," she literally just wanted the guy to stop trying to ineptly seduce her and do his job, preferably without vanishing for days at a time and randomly misplacing expensive prototypes. Instead, she became seventeen different villains to justify her not wanting the DoD to shut her down while investigating her ace pilot. Though I guess that's harder to fit on a map.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work! Might I suggest that your Ferris map include Hal's oldest and most implacable foe, The Sign?

Scipio said...

He; oh, yes... I remember "The Sign".