Wednesday, March 31, 2021

More Fun On Stage

As it happens, Oliver and Roy are directed by Equity to the very Stage Door Canteen that Professor Angel's gargoyles are about to rob.

Ollie's still clinging to that 'black market Equity card' theory, I see.

Fortunately for Professor Angel, his gargoyles (a has-been actor, a trucking expert, and mining engineer) just so happen to know how to handle tommy guns.

"SPEEDY??!  #$*(!, now we're in trouble!"

"Now that I see Green Arrow, I KNOW I don't have to take this seriously!"

Per usual, the Star Citizens in attendance think the whole thing is just part of the show.  

I mean, if you saw Green Arrow, would YOU think he was real?

The Gargoyles beat a hasty retreat, because god forbid two young expert archer crimefighters should be able to capture three denuded middle-aged unwilling amateur crooks.

Ladies and gentlemen: let's hear it for Green Arrow's Rogues Gallery!

Roy, since he lives with Ollie, knows how to deal with stupid people and helps G.A. warn off the Star Citizens.

A nod to how Speedy, a superior sidekick, efficiently accomplishes both klonking a foe on the head with the same actions as giving Ollie the opportunity to warm the crowd.  Roy is the best.

Green Arrow may not be the hero that Star City needs, but he certainly is the hero Star City deserves, since the local goobers fawn all over him:

At least it gives the bowmen an excuse for not being to catch the three feebs they are fighting.

The crooks escaping is a dream for Ollie because it lets him to do the only thing that makes him feel alive:


This decision, happily, leads to the only thing that makes ME feel alive:  watching Ollie's catapult schtick blow up in his face.


This only way this could be funnier would be in the gargoyles were still in their underwear.  Add "coffee pots" (I guess?) to the list of 1001 Ways To Defeat Green Arrow.


John C said...

Given what a big deal they seemed to make about Bright's ailing career at the top of the story, I'm surprised that there wasn't a moment of "oh, right, I think we saw him sing I Should Novelize This in Joseph, My Companion" recognition. I have to assume that Roy and Ollie are theater folks, given that there's a foley guy adding that BONG sound effect for him.

Incidentally, I notice that there isn't much fawning happening in Ollie's direction. Except for the redheaded guy with the receding hairline, everybody seems far more interested in Speedy, as they should be.

Bryan L said...

Can we take a moment to acknowledge that the gargoyles took the time to put on suits and TIES before Foiling the Arrow team? That is dedication to sartorial excellence on the part of henchmen.

Dean said...

He feels bad about hitting Speedy with a wrench, but firing a machine gun in a crowded theatre? No problem!

cybrid said...

Bryan L:

As Doctor Domino, Mister Moth, the Polka Dot Bandit, and others have taught us, all you REALLY need to be a master criminal is a suit and a mask (and, if you were created by Steve Ditko, usually a hat).

However, like the Joker, Two-Face, and, again, others, these guys don't NEED masks. They couldn't show the world their real faces if they wanted to.