Monday, September 10, 2012

Octopus Week #7: Arms and the Man

Green Arrow and Shaft Lad have the Octopus cornered in his hideout, where nothing can possibly go wrong.

Ollie, next time, follow Batman's example: always led the kid go in first.

Okay, almost nothing.  Even I can't blame Ollie for walking into this one.  Who expects an octopus in the living room?

You know, if I'd lost my virginity to an octopus while my not-dad was watching, 
I might have turned to drugs, too.

Green Arrow, using the power of comic book irony, saves himself (and Arrow Boy) with his tentacular suction-cup arrow.

Bet Michaels is feeling foolish about not having a weapon on him now. 
"Eight hells!  If only I had a sock with an eight-ball in it!!!"

Octavus gives up when he recognizes that it's Green Arrow. Because Green Arrow knows Aquaman.  And Topo.  Octopuses don't have a lot of heroes to look up to, you know.

The Octopus tries to make a getaway.

The "gang boss"? 
Even the kid who works with Green Arrow is embarrassed to call him "the Octopus".

But Ollie stops him with comic book irony.

Dude; the tentacle hat isn't even shielded?!  You suck, Michaels.

 I'm not even going to pretend to understand that.

The lesson of this story?

Don't put your faith in a disturbed man with a weird hat who attempts elaborate thematic jobs, sometimes on television, armed with nothing more than delusions of grandeur and a gang of eight guys in suits.

 Trust me, I know what I'm talking about here.


TotalToyz said...

"Even I can't blame Ollie for walking into this one. Who expects an octopus in the living room?"

NO ONE expects an octopus in the living room!! It's chief weapon is surprise!!

Nathan Hall said...

An added joke - The Octopus's last word is "bah" - Eight in Chinese! (八)

Anonymous said...

Way to bring it full circle, in a way I didn't see coming!

I dare you to make and wear an Octopus costume. I octo dog dare you.

Steve Mitchell said...

Reading this recent series of blogs gave me a 1d8 SAN loss!

SallyP said...

Ok, that whole thing with the clock was a little...obscure. It's true that Ollie does probably know Topo.

Bryan L said...

I agree the tentacle hat should be armored, but more importantly, it should have a CHIN STRAP. How the hell can you keep something like that on your head without a chin strap? Stupid Octopus. And Sally, everybody in the DC Universe knows Topo. He's crazy popular.

SallyP said...

That's because Topo goes to all the Justice League parties, and does the bartending! Crazy popular probably describes him to a Tee.