Monday, September 03, 2012

Octopus Week #0: Better Than Heroin

I left on a trip yesterday (the boys and I ...

are doing a concert tour in China; yes, really).  But while I'm behind the Great Firewall, I didn't want to leave you with nothing to read, so I wracked my brain for something to write about that would close off August (the eighth month) here at the Absorbascon.  I just couldn't get my arms around the problem; I felt like a real sucker.  

But then reader Dale lent me a hand by sending me a story that combines two of our favorite subjects here at the Absorbascon. Specifically:

The stupidity of Green Arrow...

  "Maybe I can do something with the boomerang arrow!" 
Like what, Ollie?  Hit yourself in the face?

... and sweet sweet octopus love, baby:

  You know, you'd think after a childhood spent like this, heroin would be rather a let-down.

Are you ready for....?

P.S. Trust me; you're not.


TotalToyz said...

Check out the nose on that cephalopd! Squidward, we hardly knew ye!

SallyP said...

The stupidity of the Green Arrow is a phrase that I simply cannot resist.