Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

  • The Composite Superman.
  • Gay Sex Police Blackmail Naughtiness Fun Time!
  • The Composite Superman's "secret identities".
  • Inspector Henderson's nose.
  • The Composite Superman using his stretching powers on Superman just like he did the first time.
  • Now Robin has a real enemy.
  • The Composite Superman using his "JLA powers" in ways that recall his original set of powers from the LSH. Elongated Man = Elastic Lad, Firestorm = Element Lad, Atom = Shrinking Violet.
  • I just LOVE that Star City hat. MUST get one.
  • The Composite Superman doesn't seem to have "super-sewing". He should have had the Spectre help him with that costume.
  • Clark Kent wears Old Spice? Hilarious. And permanently disqualifying him as a sexual fantasy.
  • You want Hal Jordan to be ... a saint? BWHAHAHA! That's not gonna make it past the Senate Confirmation hearings, particularly if stewardesses are allowed to testify.
  • An entire page of the Composite Superman versus Two-Face.
  • Why, I'd completely forgotten Agent Liberty!
  • The USA NOW headline: Martian Manhunter Captures Human Flame.
  • Phantom Stranger in Ollie Queen's bathroom.
  • Prof. Ivo created the Composite Superman? Brilliant.
  • Supergirl sunbathing.
  • Batman's mirror.
  • Apparently being a Blue Lantern doesn't make you ineligible for sarcasm.
  • "When exactly did you obtain samples of my DNA?" "That's not important right now."
  • Starbreaker. God bless you, Len Wein. Starbreaker scared the bejeezus out of me some 35 years ago, and he still does.
  • I'm sure Batman had NO idea that would tear him apart. Snicker.
  • Even as an object of pity, Sinestro is still a nasty, snotty, bastard.
  • "Nobody makes a fool out of Metallo." Well, almost nobody.
  • "Behest". Heh.
  • Having to wait 17 whole seconds.
  • Starbreaker + Shadow Thief + Dr. Light = genius.
  • Once again, I thank the artist for remembering that the Giant Penny is dated 1947.
  • Whoa, Ulysses! That's one way to deal with sibling rivalry.
  • "You're just a walking, talking forensics kit, aren't you?"
  • A masterful retelling of the original Starbreaker storyline, particularly the beat-down by Aquaman.
  • "Them super-types, always updatin' their costumes...!"
  • Hey, Hal Jordan only got possessed twice this month!


Diamondrock said...

Yes, let us thank the Lord for Len Wein. Not only did we get Starbreaker, but Mr. Wein delivered us some fantastic thought balloons...

Jacob T. Levy said...

OK, you've officially got me excited about the week-- though I sure hope it's not Green Arrow/ Black Canary that I have to buy as part of my compulsive Phantom Stranger completism.

Scipio said...

No, Brave& the Bold.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I thank the artist for remembering that the Giant Penny is dated 1947.

Ah, yes. Gene Colan, artistic god though he was, not only thought that the Giant Penny was dated 1945, but that the Lincoln Memorial was on the back!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

In the original JLA appearance of Starbreaker (this would be around #90, maybe?), wasn't Aquaman so powerful because Deadman was inside of him? It was a two-part story and I only had the first issue as a kid. Then I found all these comics with appearances with Deadman, and I know he is in the next issue, but it might be a separate story. Anyone know?

CandidGamera : said...

What Star City hat?

SallyP said...

I saw the newspaper headline with Martian Manhunter and the Human Flame and immediately thought of you.

No matter WHAT you do to him, Sinestro remains a nasty, snotty Bastard. That's just how he rolls.

And Hal only got posessed twice this month? He improving! Heck of a final page though!

I also thought that the Calculator performed well this month.

CandidGamera : said...

I was actually disappointed with Calculator's appearance. I like that they're using him, but I hate how they felt the need to youthen him and power him up. Very frustrating.

Scipio said...

The Star City hat is in the Calculator story in Birds of Prey.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, SallyP and Scipio, it's only the 22nd of the month. Plenty of time for Hal to get possessed by Starro, Deadman, and/or Hector Hammond...

-Citizen Scribbler

word verification: wiffat- great sound effect for a swing and a miss.

Third World Diplomat said...

"When exactly did you obtain samples of my DNA?"
"That's not important right now."

B: ...almost as if the DNA was that of a child we'd had together.
S: Okay, now that's just a creepy thought.

Is Joe Kelly feeding these lines to Len Wein?

"Batman's mirror."

Seeing as how he was using his capsule belt and not his pouch belt, where did Bats pull that mirror from?

But let it not be said that just because he wears a cowl, he forgets about good grooming.

Sea-of-Green said...

I've always wondered -- WHY Composite SUPERMAN? I mean, he IS half Batman! He could just as easily been Composite BATMAN. Maybe they just should have called him SuperBat, or something like that. Make things a little more fair and even.

Anonymous said...

Okay I feel I must ask: Gay Sex Police Blackmail Naughtiness Fun Time! Um-What? Where is this!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they just should have called him SuperBat, or something like that. Make things a little more fair and even.

How about ManMan?

Diamondrock said...

Club President: that would be this week's issue of Robin, if I'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

W.A.S. "wasn't Aquaman so powerful because Deadman was inside of him?"

Deadman, no. Sargon, maybe. My swearwording copy is missing from the swearwording longbox. Story ran from #96 to #97, if that helps.

Anonymous said...

to #98!! Swearword it all anyway! From #96 to #98!

I need more coffee!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of my fellow Absorbascommenters caught this week's Batman: The Brave and the Bold?

"I'm a little busy here, Beetle!"
"Come on, it's Dr. Polaris! You could take care of him in two seconds! You're just exercising!"