Monday, January 05, 2009

Pep 1: You Knocked My Block Off

That's one less Rockem-Sockem robot to threaten American democracy! Who needs Old Glory Insurance when the Shield's around?

Lot of heroes can handle robots; but robots with guns? Impressive! Odd... but impressive.

Our good friend the Shield debuted in the first issue of MLJ's Pep Comics (in case, you know, you had some trouble READING THAT LETTERING). Pep Comics was known -- originally -- for its unique brand of "Action Detective Adventure". Don't bother reading DC comics, kids; we can give you Action, Detective, and Adventure all in one comic!

Note the yellow background; it's the Shield's favorite color and soon we'll discover why.


Diamondrock said...

Isn't it wrong that I also want to read about "Bentley of Scotland Yard"?

Scipio said...

I'm more intrigued by
"The Midshipman and Others".

I rented a movie called with that title...!

SallyP said...

Great, now I want to go and watch Horatio Hornblower movies. With Ioan Gryffudd(?)naturally.

Why DOES the Shield have a yellow background? It's so he can fight Green Lanterns, probably.

Kid Kyoto said...

I too wish to learn more of the Midshipman. It's good that among all the 'Captain' superheroes there's one with a bit of modesty. He can team up with Lt. America and Lance Corporal Rock to go punch out Hitler's barber.

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