Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dr. Fate's Tower

In a previous post , I was challenged to make a Heroclix map of Dr. Fate's Tower, which given its Escherian architecture is clearly impossible.

Naturally, I began work on it immediately.


There's a "floor area", where players start, and there are chambers that are "above" the floor area; the two areas are not connected, and each treats the other as blocking terrain (except for the stairs, which floor figures can move past, but not see through). That is, until...!

At the beginning of each players turn, he rolls one die (or, if the players agree to it, two dice). The chamber(s) that corresponds to the number on the die is immediately considered part of the floor (with no walls). Through that chamber, the other chambers can be accessed. Except for the very first "room roll", a player can choose to skip their roll and leave the chambers where they are.

So, exactly where you are and who can see can change with each room roll. Kind of like the wackiness of Dr. Fate's ever-changing tower.

It's a hard environment to plan for, so you want a team that's mobile and adaptable. Powers of particular value would include Stealth, HSS, Running Shot, and Probability Control (which can be used on the room roll).


Derek said...

Man, you made this already!

I guess it's been two weeks, but still. I've been working on a map during the same period and I've only got.. *goes to check*... sixteen squares done.

Anyway, back to the map: Very cool. I love the concept of the randomly changing elevation, and the sigils on the floor look great.

Once again, I am shamed.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Derek. If you're going 'square by square', I'm guessing your using something like Djundinni? That's holding you back. Just use Photoshop like I do, starting with the Heroclix map template.

Siskoid said...


I wish I played HeroClix, but I'm aready renting out a second life.

Siskoid said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT map. When HeroClix is finally resurrected, you ought to pitch a "Scipio Map Pack" to the new owners, with Dr. Fate's Tower, Apex City, and all the others.

Derek said...

Actually, Harmonizer, I am using Photoshop. And I just (re)created a map template. I had made one before, but I wanted to start working in 100 or 300 pixels-per-inch resolution, more suitable for printing.

No, my problem is this new map is crazy detailed. I'm essentially creating it pixel by pixel...

Anonymous said...

Very cool! How about a Gorilla City or Danny the Street map?

What IS happening with Heroclix now? No new 'clix for a good while I imagine...such a bummer.