Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Temple for Diana

This one is for you, Wonder Woman!

Or, at least, for you Heroclix-playing fans of Wonder Woman. Some of my favorite Heroclix figures don't always have the maps that they deserve. Take, for example, the most recent Wonder Woman Heroclix figure:

"I am sorry, sister; but I must shove this Ionic column up your septum!"

Even without going into her dial, it's pretty clear this Wonder Woman is not to be trifled with. So I made her this temple map.

Yeah, I know that actual rituals were seldom performed within the naos of a temple, so the altar is kind of out of place; but nobody knows that other than you and I. Besides, the map needed both color and cover, which the altar, the braziers, and (if you're Aquaman) the pools provide. There's even some elevated terrain, courtesy of the goddess's pedestal. And, please note that the columns are blocking terrain.

Get this map printed and trot this 700-pt level team:
  • Nubia (69 pts),
  • Cassie "Wonder Girl" Sandsmark (87 pts),
  • Donna "Wonder Girl" Troy (94 pts),
  • Artemis (95 pts),
  • Hipployta in her WW garb (106 pts), and
  • Wonder Woman the Column-Carrier herself (at a whopping 248 pts).

To oppose them, field these Wonder-Foes:

  • The Cheetah (63 pts),
  • Dr. Psycho (100 pts),
  • Giganta (108 pts),
  • Circe (149 pts),
  • and the Big Bad himself, Ares (275 pts).

Hola! Place your bets and see who wins!


Anonymous said...

And I'm sure your custom Dr. Domino and Dominominions will be showing up on that map, too!

PJ said...

and hey, you could play the atlantis rising BFC and the map would make a pretty good Aquaman/Namor map

Anonymous said...

I love these maps, and I don't even play the game!

Anonymous said...

You see if you hold it like THIS the architecture in here gets extremely phallic.

Noah said...

That's not what "septum" means! For shame, Scipio, for shame.