Thursday, January 01, 2009

Facebook's Finest

Fans of the following Facebook pages:

Batman: 164,813
Superman: 125,900
Green Lantern: 6,381
The Flash: 3,258
Wonder Woman: 1,442
Supergirl: 871
Green Arrow: 502
Aquaman: 480
Power Girl: 328
Martian Manhunter: 321
Captain Marvel: 298
Vibe: 78
Hawkman: 57
Robin the Boy Wonder: 1
Vixen: No page
Geo-Force: No page
The Phantom Stranger: No page



Gus Casals said...

Well, I guess the Absorbascon is good advertisement, cause I wasn´t aware of the PG fan page and just subscribed to it.
Anyway, I think that Bats and Supes have those numbers out of sheer brand recognition outside comics, something that DC is of course aware ( wonder what profit DC Comics gets out of something like The Dark Knight, other than a sales bump and a happy board at TW ).
It's a shame about Wonder Woman, though: She should be #3 based on the same brand recognition, specially since FB is all about women and gay men, unlike other online resources, which are all about geeks and comic fans, or the intersection of those two groups.

David said...

How do the various Marvel (or other popular non-DC) heroes stack up?

Scipio said...

"FB is all about women and gay men"

It is?!

And here I thought it was all about socioeducational class...

Unknown said...

Please add numbers for Superboy and Archie Andrews.

Facebook ain't about any demographic other than FREE-TIME.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

The last character mentioned is hardly a surprise. He has no true "friends." He walks the Earth alone.

For he is...a stranger.

(And gold medallions with white turtlenecks aren't as hip as they used to be.)

Scipio said...

Yes, I was happy the Phantom Stranger had no page for the exact opposite reason I was happy Geo-Force didn't.

David Campbell said...

They keep trying to make a Phantom Stranger Facebook page - but it just DISAPPEARS!!!

Anonymous said...

Gold medallions with white turtlenecks are out?


Where is John Rogers in the writer's poll? I loved his run on Blue Beetle -- classic in the making.

-- jauntyjohn

Scipio said...

Dave, you should be happy it didn't punch you in the face or give you a stern dressing down BEFORE disappearing...!

Christian Zamora said...

Robin is just so darn misunderstood, isn't he? I think his fans are just a little of the quiet type. They must have a secret account over there. I would.

Anonymous said...

The problem with making a Phantom Stranger FACEbook page is that the top half of it would always be in matter what the angle.

Sea-of-Green said...

YAY for Green Lantern!

Beta Ray Steve said...

The Phantom Stranger's friends know who they are...or so I've heard.

Mike Blake said...

I'm sure the Phantom Stranger's friends include such people as The Shadow, the Whistler, the Mysterious Traveller, the Man with No Name, the Gentleman Ghost, and Doctor M.T. Graves.

But when questioned, one person long suspected to be the Stranger's closest friend, one Cassandra Craft, stated bluntly "I've never seen the man in my life!"

Diamondrock said...

This is slightly off topic, but have you read any of the Vertigo "Madame Xanadu" series?

There's lots of Phantom Stranger in it and as far as I'm concerned it's *very* good Phantom Stranger...

Anonymous said...

No less than four Aunt May listings, and several May Parkers, but none of them appear to be Peter's relative. I kind of dig the tough old dame with the coffin nail, though. Mephisto pops up in her neighborhood and all he'll get is a faceful of smoke and a kick in the balls.

Anonymous said...

The Phantom Stranger IS the Mysterious Traveller. That's just the name he uses on Earth-4.

Anonymous said...

Evidently your post has caused some people to declare their love for Robin, because his page now has 22 members. And I'm a member of the Nightwing group, which has 510 members.

Christian Zamora said...

I did sign up in the Robin page.