Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Haikuesday with Barry Allen

Here's another STRONG reason to replace Wally with Barry: have you ever seen Wally speak in heroic haiku? Huh, not that I recall!

Barry, on the other hand, spits 'em out even at the most startling times, and doesn't even bother to say them out loud... that's how good he is!

Can it be--is it
possible-- that WALLY now
has the speed of Flash?

Yeah, I'd be worried, too, Barry; this kid ain't no Robin!

What haiku can YOU compose to celebrate the return of Barry Allen?


Anonymous said...

Gone twenty two years...
Why bother now, since last year
I gave up comics?

Gus Casals said...

Speed of light hero
Gone for twenty years
Finds fun in strip club

Anonymous said...

The Lightning crackles.
Central City thunder rolls.
Heads up - here he comes!

Brushwood said...

Death is no big deal
Says Supes, Ollie, Hal, Carter
Batman plans it too

Anonymous said...

Original Flash
returns and again, death means
little in comics


Anonymous said...

I'll take my first crack at Haikuesday to summarize my feelings on why Barry's return looks like such an attractive proposition.

Wally's a good kid
If Waid had used the Rogues more
He would have been great

Andrew said...

Barry had all the
cool monikers. All hail the
true "Sultan of Speed."

Andrew said...

And Haikuesday or no, I'm dying to hear Scipio's reaction to this photo:


Chance said...

I really wish that
Barry Allen would stay dead.
Sometimes heroes die.

Anonymous said...

Barry has returned
Sans Broome/Infantino or
Bates/Novick -- who cares?

Anonymous said...

To Batman:

The look on your face-
When you saw me melt away
Was hilarious!

-Citizen Scribbler

Michael Strauss said...

Flash Fact: Energy
Is a constant, never destroyed.
So to, the Speed Force.

Anonymous said...

Back when he was Kid Flash, Wally used heroic haiku quite often!

"The Flips could stop me
even if I was falling
off of a cliff, Flash!"

Just one example.

Anonymous said...

The Rogues' Gallery.
In modern times, they forget
The apostrophe.

Anonymous said...

The Rogues' Gallery.
In modern times, they forget
The apostrophe.