Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • What Meltzer mind-wipeth, Dini forgiveth away.
  • Nightwing reads Talia's beads.
  • The Great Mother? Certainly didn't expect to see HER!
  • Skrull Dr. Octopus? Excellent.
  • Lex, upstaged by a Kryptonian. It'd be funny, if it weren't so-- no, actually it's just funny.
  • Panda's not only not dead... he's improbably hot.
  • The origin of Scarface.
  • Nightwing, on the plastic surgeon's association.
  • Mary Marvel's hair. Fabulous, really.
  • A skeleton in a female Chronos costume.
  • "I am Truth. I am Knowledge. I am lost."
  • Kryptonese covers. Not enough of those in comics, I say.
  • Red Tornado wondering out loud why he's a total idiot who's always the first JLAer to get taken out of commission.
  • Jonah Hex is a perfect hero; smart enough to deduce what no one else could, but dumb enough to fall for the oldest trick in the book.
  • Ron Troupe? Really? Ron Troupe? Okay, if you say so... .
  • Alexander Gradet's first comic book was a really good one. He writes Flash and Mary Marvel better than anyone else has been lately!
  • Rann versus Thanagar, baby. I'm totally there, waiting for the steadfast Thannies to kick the patooties of those spineless Rannies. Again.
  • Nightwing rides the subway. Briefly.
  • Captain Comet briefs the Justice League on why Earth is safe.
  • Bizarro versus Non. Rrr!
  • Spider-Man telling Spider-Man how annoying he is.
  • Batman without half his intelligence.
  • God, could Sardath be any more contemptible...?!
  • The Story of the Human Flame in full, glorious color. Somehow, color just makes it that much gayer.


Derek said...

Test Tube Batman is my new favorite Batman.

Scipio said...


I liked Vibrating Test Tube Flash better.

Patrick C said...

I assume it's from the Action Comics Annual which I didn't purchase, but what was the Ron Troupe reference to?

Anonymous said...


1-Mary Marvel's hair. Fabulous, really.
2-A skeleton in a female Chronos costume.
3-Captain Comet briefs the Justice League on why Earth is safe

Anonymous said...


1-I'm assuming Justice League Unlimited.

2-The All-New Atom

3-Rann/Thanagar Holy War

I'm wondering where "I am Truth. I am Knowledge. I am lost" and "Batman without half his intelligence" came from.

Anonymous said...

Where was the Human Flame story in color? Was it an actual reprint or just a "retelling"?

Anonymous said...

I assume "Batman without half his intelligence" was the reprint of Justice League of America #111 in this week's DC Universe Special.

Scipio said...

Ron Troupe is from Action Annual.

The other stuff is from the DC Universe Special.

SallyP said...

Rather a slow week for me, but still some goodies in there. Lately, Nightwing has just been exceptional. And I'm glad that Panda isn't dead. And the Batcave has a new trophy!

Anonymous said...

So how was the ending of Action Comics Annual supposed to fit in with the Chris Kent storyline from Superman?

Scipio said...

"the Batcave has a new trophy!"

It does?


Derek said...

Sure it does! Bats got himself a brand new haunted puppet.

Which should give Robin plenty of nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I thought Panda was hot BEFORE. But then, I'm into bears....

And tell me: did Lois Lane actually write a DP article with the headline "Kryptonian Child Saves Earth," with a picture of Chris, that ran more or less on the same day that the young lad who has been staying with the Kents (and looks surprisingly like the Kryptonian child) disappeared from their lives? This seems a bit of a giveaway to me.

Anonymous said...

What Meltzer mind-wipeth, Dini forgiveth away.

That made me happy too!

Louis said...

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