Thursday, April 10, 2008

VIbe Poll

I need your help.

Much more important, VIBE needs your help.

The good folks at HCRealms -- a well-known Heroclix forum -- are having a poll as to which character should be made in a clix figure for the first time.

Naturally, Vibe is one of the choices. Unfathomably, he is not winning. Very much not winning. Losing, in fact. As in, "last place".

Golden-Age Atom 40 14.13%
Ocean Master 21 7.42%
Gizmo 48 16.96%
Golden-Age Johnny Quick 20 7.07%
Negative Man 29 10.25%
Killer Moth 56 19.79%
Ferro Lad 32 11.31%
Toyman II (Jack Nimball) 14 4.95%
Vibe 8 2.83%
Cyclone 15 5.30%

Behind Toyman II (who I've never even HEARD of?)* Behind CYCLONE?! And you do not want me to start on "Gizmo". This must not stand.

Now, we all love Killer Moth. In fact, if Vibe were not on the list, KM would get my vote.

But Vibe is on the list. Vibe, who sacrificed his life to save an innocent. Vibe, who represented the Latin community as a superhero decades before Jaime Reyes. Vibe, who helped hold the Justice League together when most other heroes -- and editors -- had abandoned it as an outdated concept. Vibe, symbol of the Joy of Comics. Vibe: liver of life; lover of liver; breakdancer.

Go. Go now. Register (yes, it's free, silly) at HCRealms and represent the Absorbascon. Vote your conscience, vote for joy, vote for Vibe.

Or at least for Killer Moth or Ocean Master, cuz I'll be DANGED if Gizmo wins this...

*Please don't give me a lecture on who Toyman II is. I have internet access, too, you know.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'm surprised Killer Moth is doing as well as he is in the poll. I figured Gizmo would be a lock, so soon after his snub in the Crisis set (the only one of the Fearsome Five not made). But Killer Moth, who hasn't been seen in the comics (except as Charaxes) in years and years, is whuppin' him!

(And "Toyman II" is the one best remembered from Challenge of the Superfriends.)

Anonymous said...

Well, I did my part. I was Vibe voter number 9. It was the least I could do.

Of course, I think if I was just voting for myself, it would either be Ocean Master or Negative Man.

Mithel said...

Your love for Vibe has clouded your judgment. Everyone knows it is the Ocean Master who should claim this prize!

Baal said...

Dude, I tried and just keep getting told I can't vote in this poll.

I chose the user name winick_is_god tho'. Does that count for anything? I'm most disappointed that it didn't ask for my name like the Bluefly site my roommate had me try. I put down that my name was Cagliostro Montenegro. That's my current favorite alias.

Anonymous said...


All this time reading your Blog and knowing of your Vibe Love, I guess I need to vote...

Also, as a spanish I guess Vibe also represents me (a little bit, at least?)

Anonymous said...

Vote appears to have changed, sorry

Scipio said...

No, the poll is still going, it's just not the one featured on the front page of the site.

If you follow the link I gave you about the poll it goes to it. The poll is marked as active until June.

Anonymous said...

Your grass roots campaign seems to be working, Scipio. As I type this, Vibe is still in last place, but tied with Toyman II and just one vote behind Cyclone.

I'm still pleasantly surprised at Killer Moth's turnout. Hope the good folks at WK are paying attention.

SallyP said...

Yes! I barely know who Vibe is, but I am fired by your zeal. Besides, hopeless causes are always fun. I WILL go and vote for Vibe. My breast is swelled with righteousness...and it's only 9:00 in the morning!

BIG MIKE said...

Sorry, Scip. Gotta cast my ballot for Ferro Lad. Why do they need Vibe? They already have a Dazzler clix...

... just kidding :)

googum said...

Wow, that is hard to believe. I mean, I thought he was a relatively well-known and popular character, with a long history, and one of my favorite superhero names in comics. But Negative Man doesn't have his own Clix yet, huh? That is surprising.

(I'll get the Vibe vote in later for you, I haven't bought any Heroclix in a dog's age...the Nightcrawler one you bagged on a bazillion years ago, actually.)

Anonymous said...

Wow - my love of this site has just pushed me to register for a heroclix website (I will vote for Vibe, of course) - now I am sure to be hit with millions of SPAM messages involving custom Secret Invasion skrull figurines or something.

Michael Strauss said...

Sorry, but my Chief, Robotman and Rita Farr have been asking for Larry Trainor. Negative Man already got my vote.

Now if they'd made Steel and a classic Aquaman (the most glaring omission in clix so far. I want a 125 point Aquaman, dammit!) and the only missing piece of a JL Detroit team was Vibe, then I'd be right there.

Vibe in the 40-45 point range sounds about right. They could even use that new finish the Crisis Robin and Batwoman got on their capes to make Vibe's parachute pants shiny.

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree that a classic Aquaman (without echinoderm attached to his face) is the most glaring omission in clix, I'm afraid he'd count as a "remake".

Next poll.

Unknown said...

It's not letting me vote in the poll!
Vibe needs me, dammit!

Baal said...

Keep trying, Al. I just did and winick_is_god just helped move Vibe ahead of Cyclone for third to last place.

Unknown said...

Success!. That brings Vibe up to 19.