Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Crime Alley

Little things to notice:
  • graffiti tags for many Gotham gangs;
  • the Zorro poster;
  • several "real" Gotham newspapers;
  • the "Park Row" street sign;
  • the fire escapes are hindering terrain;
  • the Joe Coyne Wanted poster.


Anonymous said...

The Zorro poster is a really nice touch.
About the only thing missing is a broken, discarded Bill Fingeresque giant prop in the trash can.

SallyP said...

This is so cool.

The Shadow said...

NOW I see what the whole gang business was for. One of my gangs got used. You cannot believe how happy I am.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Scipio will do a Suicide Slum map to use the gangs from Black Lightning!

Anonymous said...

The starting zone number spray tags are choice.

...And yeah, I dare any fool to not put Bats where he obviously needs to be.

Scipio said...

"The starting zone number spray tags are choice."

Heh; thanks. When I can, I try to find ways to incorporate the alphanumeric grid into the map theme or design.

Anonymous said...

What, no "Zur-En-Arrh?"

Verification word=zoyyxqq, the Composite Mxyptlk/Bat-Mite of Zur-En-Arrh

Anonymous said...

Maybe my glasses need a valve job, but I'm just not seeing the Zorro poster. Izzat it between the wingtips of the Bat-shadow? It's eentsy!