Monday, January 08, 2007

5 Relationships I Want To See In 2007

1. Dr. Mid-Nite and Black Canary.

Finally, Black Canary was having a relationship with someone respectable, and they were forced to pull the plug on it when Jackass Queen came back to life. Now that she's in Mama Mode with, oh, whatever that kid's name is, bringing a stable male character back into her life is a good idea.

2. Arsenal and Huntress.

Now that Brad's had the opportunity make his "pretty bird" joke, Hawkman'll come back in a month or so and punch him in the face. Besides, what would Hawkgirl see in a jerk like Arsenal? Arsenal and Huntress are a natural couple with their faux-rebellious streaks and it would provide a sensible opportunity to bring Huntress into the Arrow Family where she belongs.

3. Batwoman and Etta Candy.

Fabulous Kate Kane needs to stop slumming and be detached from Scary Alcoholic Mess Renee Montoya. We know that Etta Candy Whom No Man Can Possess is coming back, and while a pairing between the two may seem unlikely at first blush, I maintain that anyone who fights crime in red heels has got to have a sense of humor and would hit it off famously with Etta. Woo woo!

4. Ryan Choi and Nanette Phaedon.

Nanette Phaedon hasn't appeared in the All-Nude Atom yet; she debuted in Firestorm #22 (the issue where Firestorm became cool). Due to some wacky Firestormy encounter, she can shrink (or is permanently shrunken, I'm not sure which)! What could be more natural than to have her seek out the Atom to get -- or give -- some advice? And perhaps some teeny weeny companionship?

After all, we know Ryan likes forceful women like Nanette and, face it, his relationship with Dr. Zuel isn't a keeper.

5. Aquaman and Esther Maris.

I mean the real Aquaman, of course. Esther Maris is the science reporter who Aquaman became intimate with during Arcudi's run.


Anonymous said...

1. Dr. Mid-Nite and Black Canary.

Ouch. Scip, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but have you seen the latest rumour about Black Canary at LITG? Scroll down to the last third of the column.

Bully said...

My dream pairing: Supergirl and an artist who can draw teenage girls.

Tom Bondurant said...

At first I thought "Jackass Queen" was in the Legion of Super-Villains. Then I realized who you were talking about....

Marc Burkhardt said...

Whatever happened to Esther Maris anyway ... or John Arcudi for that matter?

SallyP said...

Well, those are some interesting pairings. Don't be too hard on poor Arsenal however, with Ollie and Hal Jordan as mentors, he has it ingrained in him to have to hit on ANYBODY with a pair of breasts.

Anonymous said...

When the One True Green Arrow first came back from the dead, I envisioned a classic comic-book slugfest between him and Dr. Mid-Nite over Black Canary; possibly with a cover drawn as an "homage" to the cover of Marvel's Daredevil Vol. 1 #99.

Anonymous said...

How about Molly Hayes and Pope Benedict XVI. Then we can have another Civil War over whether or not Catholics get to molest children or not. They could get Willie Aames to make an appearance as Bibleman and beat up Captain America and Spiderman.

Anonymous said...

Hawkman'll come back in a month or so and punch him in the face

This needs to become an important part of every issue of JLA from now on. Hawkman punching guys in the face for looking at Hawkgirl, or any old reason really.

Derek said...

Ariel, I skimmed that LITG thing three times and ctrl+F'ed "Black Canary", "Dinah", and "Dr./Doctor Mid-nite" and could find mention of anything.

What are we supposed to be looking for?

Anonymous said...

Towards the very end of the column, as a reward for reading the whole thing, Rich mentions that DC are planning to wed Ollie and Dinah in 2007. Which doesn't seem like too big of a stretch.

I'm not crazy about the other pairings, but Red Arrow (I think that's what they're calling him now... *snicker*) and the Huntress makes lots and lots of sense.

Joe - said...

on ANYBODY with a pair of breasts.

When this Hawkgirl first showed up in JSA, wasn't she appealingly and purposefully small-breasted? I seem to recall respecting that decision.

Neil said...

Nanette Phaedon hasn't appeared in the All-Nude Atom yet; she debuted in Firestorm #22 (the issue where Firestorm became cool).

Sorry to go all geek, but she actually debuted in Firestorm #18.

Also, I humbly disagree, I found that Firestorm became cool (the Jason Rusch version, at least) was #14, when Stuart Moore took over.

Anonymous said...

Derek, what Patrick said. Zzzzzzz to the Ollie Dinah pairing frankly. Haven't they both moved on by now?

Anonymous said...

>>wasn't she appealingly and purposefully small-breasted? <<

Plus she managed to keep her shirt on, and none of us knew what color of frilly bra she wore. Gah! If it gets crasser than this, I won't know about it until I read about it here, because I dropped that title from my pull list right after that.

Ami Angelwings said...

Bully, you win XD

They def need a new artist for Supergirl, at least one who can draw different faces... XD

Anonymous said...

Kate Kane, girlfriend-beater, can do better?

Please. I'm just hoping that the now somewhat Rhetorical Question hires Constantine to kill her.

"Vic says hello" - pushes her off a building.

Yeah, that works.