Sunday, March 27, 2005

Seaside Rendezvous

The Aquaman team is busy filling out his role as Dynastic Centerpiece! In the most recent issue, they introduced Officer Alonzo Malrey as a Junior Counterpart and/or Black Sheep and Esther Maris as the new Romantic Interest.

How do we know Esther Maris is supposed to be a permanent addition? Easy: job, name, timing.

1. She's a reporter. "Girl Reporter" = Romantic Interest. I think that's why they never let any talk to Wonder Woman.
2. Her name is a bit of a maritime in-joke. "Esther" as in Esther Williams and "Maris" as in Latin for "of the sea".
3. She was introduced at the same time Aquagirl first hints at having a non-Platonic view of Aquaman.

Trust me, she's around to stay. Unless Black Manta kills her, of course.

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