Monday, January 22, 2007

Anthro of Dupont

If you're reading the mind-boggling Dr. Thirteen story in Tales of the Unexpected, this is for you. If not, well ... do.

Most of you probably recognized that caveman who gets unthawed in the story: it's Anthro.

As the link explains, Anthro was one of the short-lived spin-off series from a story in Showcase. He had six issues of his own, showed up later in Showcase 100 (along with everyone else who'd ever appeared in Showcase) and later still in Crisis on Infinite Earths (along with everyone else who'd ever appeared anywhere plus a few who hadn't). But that was pretty much it for Anthro until Dr. Thirteen discovered him in the Swiss Alps.

What I really like about Anthro-- well, let's just say he was a very special social pioneer. He was ... different from other guys. Let's just say I think he'd be right at home at a Sunday tea dance with the Black Condor and the Red Bee.

I mean, I'm not saying he was a sissy, exactly.

Well, okay. Maybe he was.

Sissy or not, he screwed up his courage, as many young men must, and went out to his first all-male club.

Anthro, sweetie; when I said "club" I didn't mean--oh, never mind.

Of course, the first time didn't work out very well; he was there on the wrong night!

Has there always been a Drag Bingo Night?

Even before he knew whether he was more of a "spear-yielder" or a "spear-brandisher", he learned how to work the crowd.

"Non-chalant"? I've never heard it put so politely before.
Smart money's on "spear-yielder".

Early experiences widened his horizons... and who knows what else!

"His gift of meat almost r-reached my insides without benefit of passing through my mouth"
has its own exhibit at the Absorbascon Museum of Word and Thought Balloons.

Eventually, Anthro grew into quite a talented young man.

And popular, I'll wager.

Then, brimming his confidence (and who knows what else), Anthro found his place.

Twinks can be so stuck on themselves.

He almost got more than he bargained for.

D- Dorian? Is that you?

Once he found a "daddy" in the furry/B&D community, he learned humility, and the comic's storyline was pretty much at an end.

Still, he never lost touch with his softer side.

It's the "pinky up" that really makes the panel special.


Jon Hex said...

How can one comic be loaded with so many unintentional double entendres? And would a cro-magnon really lift his pinky while devouring a random meat leg?

Derek said...

Oh, Anthro.

Female mating rituals will forever be a mystery to you, won't they? Don't feel too bad. I recall being confused the first time a girl bit me in the heat of the moment.

Although, I think my "confusion" stemmed from a different source than yours.

Good thing you got yourself frozen. I think you're going to like the 21st century.

SallyP said...

I dunno. I think I like the Neanderthals on the Geico commercials better.

Anonymous said...

"His gift of meat almost r-reached my insides without benefit of passing through my mouth"

Allan sits and attempts to compose a comment worthy of such a magnificent example of unintended(?) euphemism, but he simply cannot do it.

There are no words, so he sits in silent reverance instead.

Anonymous said...

"His gift of meat almost r-reached my insides without benefit of passing through my mouth"

Oh how that takes me back....

Chance said...

That's absolutely incredible. Bravo, Scipio!

Anonymous said...

Anthro, a man with a big club is always popular, no matter what century.

Dorian said...

I'm not that hairy. Also, I dress better.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I would swear I reread some of the ANTHRO issues about two years ago (I don't have all six issues), and reading this post, it's like I have never read them!

Anonymous said...

Wait, Anthro got unthawed? Is that anything like re-frozen?

Anonymous said...

Attention Every Comic Blogger: I think we're done here. Go home to your families. Find a new hobby. You are not going to top, "His gift of meat almost r-reached my insides without benefit of passing through my mouth."

Hmm ... perhaps I shouldn't have said "top."

Mark said...

Anthro's club is awfully suggestive... and curves to the left.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Scip -- DC Comics is publishing "Showcase Presents: Aquaman" on February 14!

Jim said...

If they can just get Brother Geek into this series it would be great.

J said...

In the Justice League Europe "Armageddon 2001" Annual, the Silver Sorceress is accidentally sent back in time to caveman days. She encounters Anthro, who completely ignores her (and a caveman girl) in favor of beating some sort of giant dinosaur/snake with his mighty club.

At the time, I thought it was just a silly joke. Now the subtext is unavoidable.