Saturday, January 06, 2007

Feat Card: Goons

In my past posts of "gifts" to the Heroclix community, I have focused on pogs.

But why not Feat Cards, as well? I have complained that Feat Cards are too generic, being keyed to powers rather than characters. I wish they were more overtly designed to give characters their own special spin.

No characters in Heroclix need more "spinning" than the Batman Enemies, who are forced to limp around leaning on one another's shoulders, unable to stand on their own against Batman & Co.

Let's try to change that, shall we?

This "Goons" Feat Card will allow a Batman Enemy to empower his goons to throw themselves into the fray, and to use them to protect himself.


Anonymous said...

Only 3 points? That seems a tad cheap for upgrading a potential phalanx of henchpogs. Maybe the AV sharing should only count against Batman Allies or within a few squares of the Batman Enemy.

Scipio said...

The 3 points cost is not based on the value of the card. The low cost is to compensate for the now-overcosted dials of the goons and the Batman Enemies.

Play it; it works.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I'm definately going to try this out this weekend. I'll finally get some use out of all those old Criminals I have sitting around.

Brett said...

Probably work fine in a fun game with all the right villains, but I suspect at 3 points it would be open to abuse if used as an open game mechanic. I agree that many of the thugs and what not are too pricey, but you can't fix that with one card. Still, I would use this in a heartbeat in a scenario set up.

Suzanne said...

Get them, Beefy!


Bully said...

I resent that anti-bovine-American slur.