Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Pretty Enough to be a Gorilla"

If I had the choice between achieving lasting world peace and getting to read this comic ...

well, c'mon.
How funny could world peace be?
The choice is obvious.

DC -- you want to make some big bucks?
Forget about "The Haunted Tank";
give us the "All-Gorilla Showcase Edition", volumes 1 -7,
and we'll simply mail you our wallets...


Scipio said...

You can field Mallah, Grodd, and the Ultrahumanite. Take some of the Ape Warrior sculpts from Mage Knight and plop those on some Metropolis SCU dials and you've got as many angry gorillas as you want.

Go, Big Monkeys!

Bully said...

As far as monkeys in the Marvel Universe go, don't forget Ape-X from Squadron Supreme. Also, the Mandrill and Red Ghost's Super-Apes.

Anonymous said...

Mandrill's not really an ape, though. He's a mutant who looks like an ape (or, really, like a mandrill). I don't think I'd want him on my team of super-apes.

If you want to count Mandrill, there's also the Marvel villain "Gorilla-Man", a rogue scientist whose ape-experiments revolted and attached his head to the body of an gorilla. Need I say that its from a Stever Gerber comic from the 70s? I thought not.

Bully said...

Mandrill's not really an ape, though.

I never knew that!

See Mom, the internet is educational!

Man, talk about being handed a joker in the 52-card pick-up of mutant powers, though.

Bully said...

You know what a little stuffed brain I have?

I only just got the name "Ape-X".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, with a power like THAT, I don't see why he wanted to become a world-conquering villain.

If I were to conquer the world, it would be to get girls.

If your power is that girls are supernaturally attracted to you, despite the fact that you look like a monkey (and smell like one too)...

well, that just seems like cutting out the middle man.

Adam said...

Does The Gibbon count?

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